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Announcing Our 2019 Scholarship Promotion Winner

We’re excited to announce the winner of our 2019 Scholarship Promotion: Sarah Ann Porter.

Sarah will be pursuing a master’s degree in Nursing at The University of Texas A&M in the Spring of 2020. As our prize winner, she will receive a $3,000 educational scholarship from ZipRecruiter!

For the 2019 Scholarship Promotion, we asked students to tell us about their favorite ZipRecruiter feature. They could choose from the following list:

Sarah chose to write about ZipRecruiter Candidate Profiles. She loves the efficiency and intuitiveness of the profile feature and it helped her to stand out to employers. In her essay she says:

“We’ve all been through the process of filling out job applications where you first upload your resume and then have to retype all of that exact same information over and over. With the ZipRecruiter profile feature, I was able to easily upload a copy of my resume and have the data automatically extracted to fill out my profile where I could edit and rearrange it to suit my needs…. Less than one day after completing my profile, I was … receiving calls from hiring managers in my area who had found me on ZipRecruiter.… Using the ZipRecruiter profile feature allows me to spend more time enhancing my resume and less time simply retyping it!”

Congratulations to Sarah and great job to everyone who submitted!

Be sure to vist our Scholarship Promotion page starting on February 14, 2020, for another chance to receive a $3,000 scholarship.


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