5 Ways to Get Stoked for a Monday (When You Really Don’t Want to Go to Work)

The weekend is quickly coming to a close, and you find yourself with a raging case of the “Sunday Scaries”. The mere thought of needing to head into the office the next morning is enough to send a shiver down your spine and inspire you to enjoy a strong adult beverage (or four) in the futile attempt to squelch that feeling of dread that’s churning around in your stomach.

I’ve been there before—in fact, we all probably have. Even if you like your job for the most part, there are very few of us who enthusiastically leap out of bed on Monday morning. Let’s face it—we’d all prefer to enjoy a permanent weekend.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to get yourself ready to go for those dreaded Mondays. No, you may not ever look forward to them—but at least you’ll be able to tolerate them.

1. Prioritize

Being the first day of the work week, we all know that Mondays can quickly spiral out of control and feel unbearably overwhelming. Your inbox is stuffed to the gills and your to-do list is a mile long. After just a half hour at your desk, you’re probably ready to run screaming.

This is why taking a few minutes on Sunday night to prioritize your week can be so helpful. By taking some time to jot down your major objectives for the work days ahead, you’ll have a clear roadmap to guide you through your work week and ensure that you’re focusing your time and attention on the right things.

That way, even when things start to get a little crazy, you’ll always be able to keep the bigger picture in mind—making things feel that much less stressful.

2. Plan Ahead

Another thing you can do to set yourself up for success during the week? Set aside a little time on Sunday night to get things set out and prepared for Monday morning.

There’s no denying that the first couple of hours of your Monday can be madness. So, if you reserve just a few minutes on Sunday night to set out your clothes (and make sure they’re clean and ironed!), pack your lunch, place your keys somewhere easy to find, and maybe even pre-set the coffee maker, you’ll be able to have a much less stressful Monday morning.

Strolling into the office without feeling like a frazzled and anxious mess? That’s sure to get your week started on the right foot.

3. Schedule Things You Can Look Forward To

Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula that will instantly transform your work week into an extension of your weekend. However, scheduling a few activities that you actually enjoy throughout your week can make the whole thing feel a little less torturous.

Whether it’s dinner with friends or a workout class you love, penciling in some things that make you smile will break up your week and give you a few things that you can look forward to—outside of just going home from work.

4. End on a High Note

Yes, you’ll want to reserve a few minutes on Sunday night to get prepared for the week ahead (remember points one and two above?). But, that doesn’t mean your whole evening needs to be all work and no play.

No, it’s important that you end your weekend on a high note so that you can head into work on Monday feeling refreshed, recharged, and positive.

So, head out for ice cream or watch your favorite movie. Do what you need to do to close out your weekend with a great attitude. It seems like a small thing. But, trust me, it’ll make all the difference on Monday morning!

5. Hit the Hay Early

When you’re done doing something fun? Well, it’s an early bedtime for you. I know, it’s not the most exciting thing. But, there’s nothing worse than needing to drag yourself into the office feeling like a blurry-eyed, exhausted zombie.

Of course, making sure you get a good night’s sleep is a surefire way to combat this. As tempting as it may be to stay up late and stretch out your weekend as much as possible, tuck yourself in at a reasonable hour. Your body (and your sanity!) will thank you.

If we’re all being perfectly honest, none of us jump for joy and cue up the marching band at the thought of Monday morning rolling around. But, love it or hate it, it’s sure to arrive. So, do these five things and you’ll head into your work week with a little spring in your step. Don’t worry—the weekend will be back soon.

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