The Second Annual ZipRecruiter Future of Work Report

ZipRecruiter’s first annual future of work report found that artificial intelligence (AI) had created three times as many jobs as it destroyed in 2018. Our second report explores where those jobs are and which states have been the winners and losers in the AI gold rush. 

AI jobs (those in AI companies or requiring AI skills) have grown spectacularly in the ZipRecruiter marketplace. They accounted for four in 1,000 job postings in 2019, up from just one in 1,000 in 2016. But they have been heavily concentrated in four AI pioneer states: California, Washington, Massachusetts, and New York. 

A wider set of AI-related occupations (those created due to AI-based technologies) is expanding more evenly across the country and growing fastest in a set of states with rapidly emerging tech hubs. Utah, Colorado, Virginia, and Texas are among the states to watch. 

AI jobs are still rare in a third set of states (including Mississippi, Alaska, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Louisiana), which are least prepared to benefit from AI-related job growth and most at risk of job loss due to automation. 

Our report explores ways today’s winners can continue to flourish, tomorrow’s winners can rise to their potential, and today’s losers can catch up and join the winner’s circle.


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Julia Pollak is Chief Economist at ZipRecruiter. She leads ZipRecruiter's economic research team, which provides insights and analysis on current labor market trends and the future of work.

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