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Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer to your question below, don't hesitate to contact us or call (877) 252-1062 (6am-6pm PT daily).

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ZipRecruiter Basics

What is a 'job slot?'

Job slots represent the number of jobs you can have live on the job boards at any given time. For example, if you are on a ZipRecruiter plan with 3 job slots, you can post 3 jobs today and replace them with 3 different jobs tomorrow without needing any more slots. You can freely swap jobs in and out of these slots by closing and posting jobs as needed. If you need additional job slots just select a higher plan on the Select Plan page.


What is a 'resume database view?'

First things first...don't worry, we do NOT limit the number of candidates you can receive on your posted jobs, nor do we limit the number of times you can view and download their resumes. However, ZipRecruiter has its own resume database that you can search to find even more candidates. Each ZipRecruiter plan comes with a set number of 'resume database views' per month. For example, if your plan has 250 resume database views, you can access 250 new resumes every month. Once you have viewed a resume it will show up in your My Viewed Resumes page for you to access and download as often as you'd like.


Posting to Job Boards

How do I post a job for free?

Just click the "Post to Job Boards" button and select any plan. We ask for a credit card to validate your account and allow for a seamless transition if you decide to keep your account active past 4 days (i.e. we won't have to take your job posting offline to wait for your credit card). If you decide to cancel on your Account page before the free trial ends you will not be charged anything. You can keep whatever candidates you receive.


How many job boards does ZipRecruiter distribute my jobs to?

50+ top job boards and counting. We are always adding more job boards.


How long does it take for my job to show up on job boards?

A new job posting will usually take 24 hours to appear on outside job boards. Also, when you edit your job description, your changes will take about 24 hours to be reflected on outside job boards. Likewise, if you close the job it will take 24 hours to be removed from them.


Is there a limit to how many jobs can I post?

Yes, the number of jobs you can have posted to job boards at the same time (we call these 'job slots') is limited depending on your subscription plan. To view these limits and your current plan, view the Select Plan page.


Do I have to pay extra fees for each job board?

No. Once you are a ZipRecruiter subscriber, you will pay no extra fees to post your jobs to the majority of our job boards. We do offer optional posting to several paid job boards if you want to get even more distribution (like Monster, Indeed Sponsored, etc).


Why do you recommend against including a phone number and/or email address in my job description?

By doing this, candidates may choose not to click our "Apply Now" button to submit their resume and interview answers. If they apply through our system you can view their resumes and interview answers online as well as collaborate on rating them with your colleagues. We will email you as soon as you get a new candidate so there is no need to include your phone or email address in the job description.


Is ZipRecruiter planning on supporting any more job boards?

Yes, we are planning on adding many more free job boards, and also the paid job boards. The goal is for you to manage all of your job postings through ZipRecruiter instead of creating/managing dozens of accounts across all of the job board sites. If you have a favorite job board you would like us to include, please contact us and let us know!


How can I post to Craigslist through ZipRecruiter?

After posting your job, ZipRecruiter makes it easy to post a Craigslist job ad in one click.

Details about Craigslist posting:

  • A Craigslist posting is free in most areas with the exception of a small fee to post jobs in 40 larger cities. This posting fee is separate from ZipRecruiter and paid directly to Craigslist.
  • To avoid getting blocked by Craigslist, we do not recommend posting the same job opening multiple times until the original ad is closed or expires.
  • Craigslist prohibits the following types of job listings:
    Posting of any franchise, pyramid scheme, multi-level marketing, "club membership", distributorship or sales representative agency arrangement or other business opportunity which requires an up front or periodic payment, requires recruitment of other members, sub-distributors or sub-agents, or pays commissions only (except for postings that make clear that the available job pays commission only and clearly describes the product or service that the job seeker would be selling, in which case such postings may be permissible).
  • If you do not receive your Craigslist confirmation email, check your "spam" folder first. In rare cases, Craigslist may have blocked your email address from posting ads.
  • We are always looking to improve our service. Please contact us and let us know if you have any problems posting to Craigslist.


What is Indeed sponsorship and how does it work?

ZipRecruiter automatically distributes all jobs to, the most visited job board on the web. However, you can get far better job ad visibility by "sponsoring" your jobs so they always show up on the top of Indeed search results. We have found this to be the #1 way to increase candidate traffic. Click here to learn more about Indeed sponsorship.


What is TrafficBoost and how does it work?

TrafficBoost gets you up to 200 additional visitors to your job description by promoting your job to millions of active job seekers in our daily job alerts. It's a great way to get additional traffic to your posting. Note that jobs posted in very rural areas will likely get less than the maximum visitors. Click here to learn more about TrafficBoost.


Can I send candidates directly to my Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)?

Yes, you can add a Custom Apply URL for each job you post. Just select the "Custom Apply URL" option on the Edit Job page and enter the URL that points directly to the application page created by your ATS.


Posting to Social Networks

Which social networks can ZipRecruiter post to?

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. We support posting to LinkedIn Groups and Facebook Pages in addition to profile posting.


How do I post to LinkedIn Groups?

LinkedIn groups have proven to be an effective way to attract high quality candidates. From a job's "Get More Candidates" page (or your My Jobs page) you can click on the post to LinkedIn button. In the LinkedIn popup, check the "Post to groups" checkbox and type in the name(s) of group(s). When you post, it will now also include a posting to the groups you specified.


In LinkedIn Groups, why are my jobs getting placed in the Discussions tab instead of the Jobs tab?

Some LinkedIn groups are moderated, and for such groups there is currently no way to post to the jobs tab (LinkedIn's API does not support it), which means that your jobs will be posted to Discussions. Some group moderators are OK with posting to the Discussions tab, while others don't like it.


How long do posts take to appear on social networks?

We post to all social networks immediately, but there may be some lag time between posting and when the post appears to your contacts. Also, LinkedIn groups that are moderated require the moderator's approval before the post can be seen in the group.


How often can I post to LinkedIn Groups?

LinkedIn does not clearly specify limits for posting to groups.


Managing Jobs

How do I rename my job?

To rename a job, click the name of the job from the My Jobs page and then click the "Edit Job" button when you hover over job title.


How do I close my job?

To close a job, go to the My Jobs page and then click "Close" button underneath the job name. You can always click the "Re-Post Job" button to re-post the job to the job boards if you'd like.


What happens when I close a job?

When you close a job, the job is removed from any job boards (within 24 hours), and the job URL will no longer be live for candidates to apply for your job. You will not lose any of your candidates associated with the job. You can re-post a job if it is taken offline (for instance, if your subscription is terminated temporarily). Just click "Re-post job" button below the job title on the My Jobs page.


What happens when I archive a job?

After a job is closed, you can archive it by clicking the "Archive" button below the job title on the My Jobs page. When you archive a job it is removed from your job list, but not deleted. Also, the candidates associated with this job will not be altered. If the job is archived but has not received any candidates, you have the option of deleting it using the "Delete" button.


How do I un-archive a job?

You can un-archive a previously archived job by choosing "Archived Jobs" from the "Show:" menu at the top-left of the My Jobs page. Then click on the job title to enter that job, and click the "Un-Archive" button at the top-right of the job navigation. Now this job will appear in the list with your other closed jobs.


Can I delete a job?

Yes, but similar to the "Recycle Bin" on your PC, this a two step process. First, you have to Archive the job. Then click the "Delete" button below the job title within your archived jobs list. Note: you can only delete jobs that have NOT received any candidates. This is to avoid accidentally deleting candidates that you still might want to access.

Deleting jobs cannot be undone, so use this feature with caution.


Managing Candidates

Is there a limit on the number of candidates I can receive?

No! Every plan we offer allows for unlimited responses.


What if I don't get any candidates?

A new job posting can take up to 24 hours to appear on outside job boards after you have posted. If you still haven't received any candidates after this time period, please make sure your phone number and/or email address are NOT in the job description. This is because many candidates will call or email you directly rather than applying through ZipRecruiter. We distribute your job and provide the best advice we can about writing quality job titles and descriptions, but we can't guarantee applicants. Feel free to request our feedback on your job ad or ask us other related questions.


When I rate a candidate using the 5-stars, is the rating visible to the candidate, or anyone else for that matter?

No. Candidate ratings are never visible to candidates, but are shared between users within your company. You can filter on the "View Candidates" tab by user to see other peoples' ratings.


Who can view the "Internal Notes" that appear on the candidate page?

The notes are only visible to you or any users that are on your account. Candidates can never see these notes.


What happens when I "hide" a candidate?

When candidates are hidden, they will no longer appear in the View Candidates page for that job or the My Candidates tab. However, you can view them by filtering by Hidden Candidates in the filter pull-down menu at the top of that page. Hidden candidates do not count towards the total candidate count for that job.


What is the "Completed in" time shown on the candidate page?

This is the total elapsed time it took that candidate to complete your entire interview. This gives you a way to compare candidates relative to each other.


How can I collaborate with other team members on rating/reviewing candidates?

On the Users page, click the "Add User" button. There you can enter the name and email address of the colleague you would like to invite. Once you add the user, we will send them an invitation email. Then, they click on the link in the email and create their password. Once they are set up, they can access all of the candidates and rate them with their own ratings. You can view other users' ratings on the View Candidates page by using the filter pull-down menu at the top. You can also share internal notes on the candidate and edit their status on the Candidate Detail page


Can I upload my own candidates?

Yes, you can manually add candidates to any job posting you have created. You can include their personal information and resume and any user on your account can edit or delete them at any time. Add a candidate now.


What are labels and how do I use them?

Labels are like tags that you add to candidates to make them easier to find later. You can add labels to a candidate with phrases like "call back" or "potential interview." Later, if you filter by that label, you can see all the candidates that have been labeled that way. Labels are shared across your company's ZipRecruiter account but are never visible to candidates.


Can I delete a label?

Yes, on an individual candidate page you can remove any currently-applied labels by clicking the small "X" icon inside the orange label. Once you have deleted the label from the last candidate, the label itself will be deleted.


What is the ZipResume?

ZipResumes are taken from a candidate's original resume and reformatted for readability and consistency. It makes scanning lots of resumes a much more efficient process. However, the original resume is always available for viewing and download.


What is a Bright Score and how is it calculated?

To get more information about the Bright Score, read Bright Score FAQs.


Managing Users

How do I add users to my account?

To add a user to your account click on Users from the Account Tab. There you will see an Add New User button. Click on the button to add contact information and set access and notifications.


Can I restrict account access for specific users?

Yes, when you add a new user or edit an existing user, you will see a section called "Access Settings." Uncheck the account settings you do NOT want that user to be able to access.


What is the difference between an "Account Owner" and "Restricted User"?

An "Account Owner" is anyone that has full access to all account features. If any of the access settings are unchecked, they are a "Restricted User." The "Account Owners" are highlighted in your user list view.


How do I remove a user from my account?

To remove a user from your account, click on the "Deactivate" button under the specific user. Once deactivated they will not be able to login or receive any ZipRecruiter emails. They will remain on the user list in a deactivated status at the bottom. You can reactivate them at any time.


How do I change my own account information?

To change your own user information, click on the My User Details link from the Account Tab.

IMPORTANT: If you have the ability to edit other users and you uncheck your own "Add/Edit Users" checkbox, you will no longer be able to modify other users on the account or modify your own access settings. However, you will always be able to edit your own contact information.


Company Branding

What is a Hiring Company?

ZipRecruiter allows you to create an unlimited number of "Hiring Companies" associated with your job postings. This gives you the power to post jobs for multiple employers under the same ZipRecruiter account. Each Hiring Company has unique settings for company name, company description, logo, website and header color. Each Hiring Company also has a unique page listing all the open jobs for that Hiring Company. To manage your Hiring Companies, go to the Hiring Companies page.


How do I add my company logo?

To add a logo to your company branding, go to the Hiring Companies page. Select the Hiring Company you would like to edit, then click the "Browse..." button next to the Company Logo field. Next, select the logo file on your computer (GIF, JPG or PNG are the recommended file format choices, and sizes of 100px or less in either direction are best). Once you save, this will change the displayed company logo on all of your jobs and company job page for this Hiring Company. You can always upload another logo or delete it at any time by clicking "Delete current logo" link.


How do I change my job/interview header color?

To change the header color on your jobs and interviews, go to the Hiring Companies page. Select the Hiring Company you would like to edit, then click inside the "Header Color" field. Here you can either type in a 6-digit web color (like #000000 for black or #FF0000 for red, etc.) or select a color from the popup color palette that will appear to the right. Once you save, this will change the displayed header color on all of your jobs and interviews using this Hiring Company (currently posted jobs will take up to 24 hours to be updated).


How can I hide my company name from candidates?

To make your company name confidential, you have to enter something generic (like "Leading manufacturer in downtown Cleveland.") in the Company Name field on the Hiring Companies page. This will change the displayed company name on all of your jobs and interviews for this Hiring Company (currently posted jobs will take up to 24 hours to be updated).


Resume Database

What is the ZipRecruiter resume database?

In addition to the unlimited candidates you can collect for your own posted jobs, you can also search our database of resumes to help find the perfect fit! The resume database contains a list of job-seekers that have recently applied to other jobs in your industry and location.


Do employers pay to access resume database?

Yes. Employers must be subscribed to ZipRecruiter to access the resume database.


Do job-seekers pay to be in the resume database?

No, inclusion in the resume database is completely free for job-seekers. They may opt in or out at any time.


What if I am having trouble viewing a resume?

If you cannot view a resume in your web browser we recommend refreshing the page after a few moments. If you still cannot view the resume let us know. As a fallback, you can always download the resume file to your desktop using the link on the resume page.



Why can't I login to my account?

If you are having problems logging in to your account, please send an email to support@.

There are also a couple solutions you might try on your own:

  1. Reset Password: First try resetting your password, then try to login again.
  2. Clear Cookies: If resetting your password does not work, you may have problems with your browser cookies. Click here to clear your ZipRecruiter cookies and then try to login again. You may also delete all your cookies manually using these instructions.
  3. If you still cannot login after trying these two methods, please contact us.


How much does it cost? What is the price after the free trial?

ZipRecruiter offers a 4-day free trial. This allows you to try it out with no risk. We do require that you enter a credit card number to get started, but as soon as you do, we will send you an email with explicit instructions explaining how to cancel and when we will charge your card if you don't. Click here to see our pricing plans.


How do I change my password?

Go to the Change Password page. Enter your new password and click the green button at the bottom to submit.


Can I be invoiced instead of paying by credit card?

For monthly plans, we only accept payment by credit card. For invoice-based billing on our discounted longer term plans, please call our sales department directly at (800) 557-9015.


Is there any contract involved?

Nope. Pay month-to-month or annually. If you decide to cancel your account will stay open through the end of the period you've paid for, and you won't be billed again.


Can I change plans at any time?

Sure thing. Simply click on the Account tab to see your options and either upgrade or downgrade your plan.


What happens to my jobs if I downgrade to a cheaper plan?

Once the term of your current plan ends, your oldest jobs (over the allowed count) will automatically be removed from job boards.


Does my monthly subscription to ZipRecruiter renew by a certain number of days or by calendar month?

Monthly subscriptions renew every calendar month after sign up date. For example, if you signed up on April 3rd, your next billing cycle will start on May 3rd.


How can I cancel my ZipRecruiter account?

On your Account page, if you are within the 4-day free trial period and wish to cancel, click the "Cancel free trial" link. This will remove any job(s) currently posted from the job boards, but you will retain access to any candidates you have received.

If you are past your free trial, click the "Cancel automatic renewal" link. This will keep your account active through the end of the period you've paid for, and you won't be billed again. Once your account is cancelled you will no longer have access to your candidates, jobs or resume database. If you want to maintain access account, you will need to downgrade to the Access Only Plan. If you need additional help, please contact us.


How do I change my credit card on file?

Go to your Credit Card page. Enter your new credit card information and click the green button at the bottom to submit. Any future charges your account incurs will be billed to the new card number.