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Searching for Jobs

How do I search for a job on ZipRecruiter?

Just enter the keyword(s) and location on the job search page or from the "Search Jobs" form on the top of the page to search millions of jobs from across the web.


Do I have to pay to search for jobs?

No! ZipRecruiter will never charge job seekers for anything. So go crazy, search, create job alerts, save jobs, apply, and post your resume online -- it's all free.


Why do some jobs appear higher in the search results than others?

Your job search results are ranked by how closely they match your keyword search, location and by the age of the job.


Can I find a job based on location?

Yes! In addition to entering your city/state or zip code, you can also filter based on how far a job is from your location. Just use the drop-down menu below the search fields that lets you search for jobs that are from 5 miles to 100 miles away.


How do I get more jobs to show up in my search results?

There are a few things you can do. To start, you can use the job location filters to search for jobs further from your area. You can also try broader keywords or use a larger nearby city/zip code as your search location.


How do I get fewer jobs to show up in my search results?

To start, you can use the job location filter dropdown to search for jobs closer to your area. You can also add more specific keywords to narrow the results and find jobs that are more relevant to you.


Account & Data Privacy

Who can see my resume, email address and phone number?

Your contact information and resume are sent to the hiring manager(s) who posted the job you applied to. Nobody else can see this information, except for you when you're logged into your free ZipRecruiter account.

If you opt in to the resume database, other hiring managers can see your resume and contact information, but only when logged into their password protected accounts.


Why does ZipRecruiter create a free account when I apply for a job?

We create a free account for you so that you can add a cover letter to the job you applied to, change your contact information or resume, easily apply to similar jobs posted on ZipRecruiter, and receive job alert emails with similar jobs that might interest you. You can unsubscribe from job alerts or close your account at any time.


Can I rescind or delete a job application that I completed?

No. We immediately email your job application to the hiring manager(s) for that job, and there is no universal way to recall a sent email message. If you're no longer interested in a position and are contacted by a hiring manager, just tell them that you're no longer interested.


I've been hearing a lot about job scams. Are jobs on ZipRecruiter safe?

We do everything we can to make sure that jobs posted through ZipRecruiter are safe and legitimate. We've built an advanced system that tips us off to potential job scammers and have an incredibly devoted customer support team that manually review jobs. If you come across a job on Ziprecruiter you think is a scam, please contact us immediately.


How do I close my account?

Click here to close your account. Please note that the hiring manager(s) for the job you applied to have already received your resume and contact information, and closing your account will not change that fact. Closing your account will stop all emails from ZipRecruiter, prevent you from logging in, and prevent anyone else from seeing your resume and contact information.


Job Alerts

What are job alerts?

Job alerts are daily emails that include the latest opportunities for your job search. You can create up to 20 job alerts and can change or cancel them at any time on your Job Alerts page.


How do I create an effective job alert?

The ZipRecruiter job matching algorithm analyzes millions of jobs from hundreds of job boards to instantly return the most relevant results. Here are some additional tips to help you optimize your search:

  • Job titles are best:

    Searching for a specific job title provides more accurate results than company names or other keywords. software engineer is better than coder, and registered nurse is better than hospital.
  • Zip code can help narrow your location:

    For location, a zip code is generally more precise than entering city, state.
  • You can use quotes:

    Surround multiple terms in quotes to treat them as a phrase, like: "program manager" or "dental hygenist".
  • You can exclude certain terms:

    Enter a minus sign before any terms you want to exclude, like: -travel or -"entry level".
  • You can require certain terms:

    Enter a plus sign before any terms you want to require, like: +full-time or +"full benefits".


How do I stop job alerts?

You can unsubscribe from job alerts by deleting individual alerts on the Job Alerts page or clicking on the "delete all alerts" button at the bottom right. There's also an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every job alert email.


Why do I get jobs that aren't exact matches?

Each day, our job-matching engine compares your search to millions of jobs. If we can't find exact matches, we will include close matches and jobs in related categories. Also, you'll receive fresh matches daily so it's best to check your alerts every day.


How do I change my job alerts?

You can add, edit or remove job alerts on the Job Alerts page.


Saving Jobs

Can I save jobs and apply later?

Yes. You can save as many jobs as you want. Just click on the star icon next to any job you want to save. To "unsave" a job just click on the highlighted yellow star and the job will be removed from your saved list.


How can I see all my saved jobs?

You can view all your saved jobs on your Saved Jobs tab.


Applying to Jobs

I found a job I like. How do I apply?

Click on the green "Apply Now" button, or one of the other apply options. If you are a new user, you will be prompted to enter your name, email address, and phone number, after which you can either upload your resume or enter it in plain text. If you are a registered user and already saved your resume on our site, simply click "Apply Now" and the resume you have on file will be transmitted to the hiring manager or recruiter who is managing that job. If you want to apply via mobile phone and you don't have a resume on file, you can just use the quick mobile apply form to add your basic information. We recommend you upload a full resume later to provide the hiring manager with more information about you.


The job I'm applying to says it has an online interview. What is that?

Employers and Recruiters who post jobs may ask that you answer a few questions as part of your initial application process. Some questions may be open-ended, while others may be multiple choice or Yes/No.

Tip! We recommend that you take these questions seriously, as this is the first impression you will make on a potential employer. Be sure to check your spelling and grammar and make sure you answer the question that is being asked (without trying to be cute).


Can I include a cover letter when I apply for a job?

Yes, and we highly recommend that you do! To send a cover letter with your job application, you'll first need to login to your account. Then, go to the My Jobs tab and click on the "Add Cover Letter" button -- you'll see this button under each job to which you have applied. You can also edit cover letters after the fact and ZipRecruiter will notify the hiring manager. To get tips on writing a better cover letter, check out our blog.


What happens after I submit a job application?

Your resume (and interview question searchable responses, if any) will be immediately emailed to the position's hiring manager. If you submit a cover letter, that will be sent as soon as you submit it.


Can I replace the resume I used to apply to a job?

Yes, you can replace the resume you used for an application submitted through ZipRecruiter by going to the My Jobs page and clicking on the "Edit Resume" button next to the job. Then follow the instructions to replace this resume. This will NOT replace the resume you used when applying to any other jobs, but you will have the choice of making this resume available for future jobs you apply to as your resume on file. We will also notify the hiring manager via email that your resume was replaced.


Can I replace the default resume I have on file?

Yes, you can replace the resume we keep on file for you by going to the My Resume section under My Profile and following the upload instructions. This will NOT replace the resume you used when applying to any previous jobs, but will be available for future jobs you apply to as your resume on file. This is also the resume we use for the ZipRecruiter resume database, if you are opted-in.


How can I stand out from the crowd?

We highly recommend you complete your profile on ZipRecruiter, which will help employers get to know you and help you stand out more when you apply to jobs.


ZipRecruiter Resume Database

What is the ZipRecruiter Resume Database?

When you apply to jobs through ZipRecruiter, we allow you to opt-in to our database of active job seekers for FREE. This will allow thousands of employers and recruiters to search for your resume on our website and contact you with job opportunities. Please note that your privacy is extremely important to us, and your personal information can only be seen by paid customers of ZipRecruiter, if you decide to opt-in.


How do I opt-in to the Resume Database?

You can opt-in to the resume database at any time by checking the box on the My Profile tab or using the toggle button on the My Resume page.


How do I upload my resume into the resume database without applying to a job?

Go to the My Profile tab and select My Resume from the drop down. You can upload a resume or create a text version. Once your resume is uploaded, you will have the opportunity to add it to the resume database.


How do I opt-out of the Resume Database?

You can opt-out of the resume database at any time by un-checking this preference on the My Profile tab.


Mobile App

How do I upload a resume on the app?

To ensure that all of your information reaches our servers, we highly suggest using a computer to upload or update your resume. However, if you've prefer to use the mobile app, click on the menu button in the right hand corner of the screen. Select My Resume, then Upload resume. Select the external location your resume is stored (File on your phone, On your computer). Select the file location and upload.


Why am I having difficulty using your app?

We are constantly looking to improve our applications. If you are experiencing difficulty, please log into your account via a computer or your mobile web browser to apply to available jobs. If your login info isn't working on the computer, please feel free to follow the 'forgot password' prompts below the login dialog box.


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