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We Match Veterans With Veteran-Friendly Jobs

Over 11% of job seekers on ZipRecruiter identify as Veterans,1 compared to 7% of the U.S. labor force.2 We make it easy for these Veteran candidates to find your Veteran-friendly job openings.

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Make Your Post Stand Out

With our Veteran-Friendly Enhancement, you also get our custom hiring badge for your website. Employers who use the Veteran-Friendly Enhancement see a 4% increase in Veteran responses to jobs.3

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Access Veteran Job Boards

With our Veteran-Friendly Enhancement, all of your active jobs are sent to Veteran job boards.

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Easily Identify the Right Candidates

Job seekers can opt into identifying as Veterans on their ZipRecruiter profile. Then, when a Veteran candidate applies to your job, a Veteran badge appears next to their name.

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1Based on survey of 2,092 job seekers over the age of 18 logged in to ZipRecruiter job seeker account from Sept. 14 - 28 2018; based on self-reported Veterans of the US military, assumes that logged in job seekers are in the labor force.

2U.S. Census Bureau, 2016 American Community Survey 1-Year Estimates

3ZipRecruiter Internal Data, increase measured from Feb. 21 - April 18, 2019