In this series, we travel across America to meet business trailblazers of all kinds. These passionate leaders share their real-life stories of how they find and hire extraordinary people.

Hiring Stories from the Road

EPISODE One Director of Coffee

Director of Coffee

Meet Dillon Miskiewicz. He hired a Director of Coffee. Dillon was on a mission to find a coffee-loving team leader — someone who not only drank it, but LIVED for it. This java connoisseur would assist him in roasting it, cupping it, and making buying decisions. Here’s how ZipRecruiter found this perfect blend.

Meet Dillon Miskiewicz.

We would not be where we are if we didn’t have Brett. That level of focus on what we do now… is helping us be better at what we do.

Dillon Miskiewicz, Chief Operating Officer of Altura Coffee

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