Herbal Tea Packer + Backroom Support

Twisted Thistle Apothicaire in Berkeley, CA 94704 USA

The Twisted Thistle Apothicaire’s are traditional medicinal herbal teas and gift shops. We source bulk herbs from a number of locations and package them (individually or as blends) into our own packaging – this is where you come in!

This is a bit of a multifaceted job that requires two distinct temperaments and strengths:

  1. The ability to focus on a repetitive task (like packing) for extended periods of time, while keeping a self-directed pace, and
  2. A mind which can actively assess and organize, which demands precision and an ability to catch mistakes and rectify them.

The first strength refers to the aspect of the job which includes the packing of herbs into bags, and sealing and labeling the bags, as well as cleaning and organizing the packing area.

Situations where the second strength comes in handy include comparing batches of bulk herbs to find inconsistencies, assessing stock levels for ordering bulk herbs on a monthly basis, keeping an eye on labeling and barcoding to ensure accuracy, and controlling proper stock rotation for the sake of freshness.

A large part of the job is tedious (and thus is not a good match if you're looking for a creative or people-focused job) however accuracy is key, so clear attention to detail is a must! Also, we take the time to train effectively so the right person can succeed quickly and easily (and move up the pay scale as quickly as possible!) We begin by training for the packing/labeling/stock-rotation/cleaning part of the job, and expand into other responsibilities within a month or two.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Firstly, this is a 2 day/week position
    • ~1 day x 6-8 hours of packing while adhering to food safety standards.
    • ~1 x 6-8hr day of labeling and sealing
  • Additional tasks/responsibilities which fit into these 2 days:
    • Restocking and Stock Rotation
    • Cleaning Tea/Kitchenette area, and floor of back room
    • Cleaning the Packing Area
    • Taking out the recycling and your trash from the back room and packing area
    • Emptying, Cleaning and refilling the sink.
    • Making Blends
    • Deep clean of the back room (1/month)

These are other tasks that, in time, you will learn and may become part of your responsibilities:

  • Stock Taking all bulk herbs (1/month)
  • Placing Bulk Herb Orders (1/month)
  • Receiving Bulk Herb Order into stock and combining stock.
  • Stock taking all packing supplies and stationary
  • Preparing weekly inventory transfer

The qualifications/requirements for the job are more focused on temperament than work history:

  • Efficient, self-motivated, and self-directing
  • Enjoy repetitive tasks
  • Happy to do cleaning tasks and enjoys keeping a tidy workspace
  • Able to follow instructions and remember them
  • Able to take charge when needed
  • Eye for detail and values precision
  • Consistent
  • Trustworthy

Ultimately, this job lends itself to someone who can find pleasure in repetitive tasks (podcasts/music/audiobooks allowed!) while offering a clear and accurate attention to detail!

If that sounds like you, we would love to hear from you soon!

Twisted Thistle Apothicaire takes pride in being a hub of health, happiness, and education in our community. We have a heart-felt desire to help people discover herbs and other products that create positive change in their lives. Our two locations in San Francisco & Berkeley are community centers — run by people who care, and filled with herbs and products which can help calm the anxieties of life, fill the bedroom with magic, take back control from an addiction, reduce the physical, emotional and mental drain of a night out, and help prevent and combat most health challenges.

Twisted Thistle was founded by Naomi and Ethan - we love herbs, health, and supporting our community!

Posted date: January 09, 2018

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