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$35,000 to $40,000 Annually

Benefits Offered

Dental, Medical, Vision

Employment Type


Why Work Here?

“We serve at-risk youth in our community to break the cycle of fatherlessness”


JOB TITLE: Lead House Parent

DEPARTMENT: Kinloch Price Boys Ranch

STATUS: Exempt

SUPERVISOR: Operations & Staff Director

LAST UPDATE: 9/22/2016

BASIC FUNCTION: Responsible for leading the treatment environment of one KPBR residential group home and to ensure the home meets and/or exceeds program treatment goals.


Provides for the spiritual/moral/education development

  • Discusses academic performance with youth emphasizing the importance of completing education

  • Reviews youth progress with teacher and school personnel

  • Teaches and reinforces good study habits

  • Assists youth in preparing for post-secondary or vocational education and identifies alternatives and develops career plans

  • Teaches youth the importance of obeying social laws

  • Teaches youth Christian values and behavior

  • Attends church with youth each Sunday and involves youth in the church’s youth group

  • Discusses the sermon and scriptures with youth and how it is applicable to his or her daily life

  • Encourages youth involvement in Christian activities and community service projects

Teaches and counsels youth on appropriate skills and behaviors

  • Identifies what skills are present or lacking and prioritizes target behaviors for each youth in order to emphasize maximum skill development

  • Describes appropriate skills or behaviors to youth and provides rationales for why a youth should or should not do certain things

  • Teaches youth specific social skills for appropriate public conduct

  • Teaches youth independent living skills and self-care habits

  • Provides feedback rewards with praise and positive points for practicing and displaying appropriate behaviors and implements consequences for inappropriate behaviors

  • Practices appropriate skills with youth in order to increase learning and maintenance (e.g. role plays)

  • Serves as a role model for youth by exhibiting skills taught in the program

  • Conducts ongoing assessments of youth’s target behavior and measures progress

  • Educates and counsels youth on issues related to chemical dependency, money management skills, employment skills, and facilitates career decision making

  • Explains to youth the content of collected data and reports

  • Follows the Boys Town family style teaching and treatment model

  • Supervises on site employment when available to youth

Provides and fosters a loving, caring, and safe environment

  • Provides constant emotional support by using praise, affection, and empathy (e.g. celebrates birthdays)

  • Ensures the home goes above and beyond requirements of various regulatory bodies (i.e. KDHE, DCF, etc.)

  • Ensures health and safety standards are met. .

  • Uses rational problem solving techniques to counsel youth through personal problems

  • Provides a family support system and a safe home life for troubled and disadvantaged youth

  • Provides feedback to youth in order to build self-confidence and respect

  • Monitors off-campus activities and observes constant interactions of youth during home, recreational, and leisure times for appropriate social skills and safety

  • Checks on safety aspects of the house

  • Provides crisis intervention to youth out of instructional control

  • Checks thoroughness and timeliness of youth’s work and chore completion

  • Plans individual and family fun activities that are entertaining and educational

  • Schedules appointments for doctors and dentists, and provides transportation; maintains parental involvement in medical care

  • Ensures that medications are dispensed and disposed of appropriately and fills out log that monitors medication dispensing. Refills medications when needed.

  • Cares for ill homebound youths

  • Provides transportation to social activities as well as medical emergencies

Intake and Expulsion

  • Supervises the intake and orientation process of new home residents

  • Inventories youth belongings once admitted into the home including monitoring the storage of items not acceptable in the home

  • Involved in the expulsion process with youth alongside the Program Director

Maintains and prepares records

  • Prepares incident reports

  • Defines, totals, signs, and files point cards in youth files

  • Maintains home filing system for daily schedules, menus, maintenance items, and appliance warranties

  • Writes daily logs, documenting the youth’s behaviors and schedule for the day, noting any progress towards treatment goals and any significant incidents.

Acts as a liaison for consumers, outside agencies, and internal personnel

  • Communicates with consultants on youth strategies and youth treatment plans

  • Consults with other KPBR staff, courts, and social service agencies about youth’s behavior and progress

  • Maintains direct and frequent contact with school personnel concerning youth’s school performance

  • May at times provide suggestions to parents and guardians for dealing with youth and to enhance skill development with direction from the Program Director

  • Maintains contact with consumers to obtain and/or give information, schedule appointments, and to coordinate activities

  • Appears in juvenile court on behalf of the youth

  • Serves as medium between the youth and his or her employer

  • May serve as a mediator between the youth and his biological family, legal guardians, and caretakers

Serves as a role model in carrying out the Youth Horizons Mission

  • Directs all activities towards the fulfillment of the Youth Horizons Mission

  • Articulates the mission and ministry, including ministry data and detail, of Youth Horizons to the community and interested parties

  • Creates an atmosphere of enthusiasm and commitment

  • Directs all actions to reflect the values and dearest beliefs of Youth Horizons

  • Executes the Youth Horizons and KPBR policies and plans loyally

  • Follows chain of command and is an effective team member

  • Communicates as directed with internal and/or external consumers to assure proper resolution of concerns and satisfaction of inquiries

  • Speaks positively of Youth Horizons decisions, processes, and programs to other staff and outside consumers

  • Does not gossip and does not listen to other gossiping about Youth Horizons or staff

  • Speaks positively to those who are gossiping and encourages them to cease

  • Establishes and maintains an environment that encourages teamwork, interdependence, and ethical behavior

  • Continually increasing technical competency of self and others through education and research within their field

  • Recognized by peers as a leader in the carrying out the Youth Horizon’s mission, vision, and values

  • When all present tasks are accomplished, asks peers if there is work that he/she can help them with

  • Supports other Youth Horizon’s employees and departments and their work


  1. Committed Christian who is active in their local church

  2. Ability and desire to work and live with troubled and disadvantage youth

  3. A concern for youth and a strong desire to work in the field of human services

  4. High school diploma or equivalent, with some college credits preferred

  5. At least 23 years old

  6. Valid driver’s license (both husband and wife) with a good driving record

  7. Perceived ability to implement all phases of the Boys Town Family Home Model of Care

  8. Perceived ability to model appropriate behaviors and morals

  9. Judgment to work with children assigned to a Kinloch Price group home in a mature, responsible manner

  10. Candidates are required to pass a medical examination and a thorough background reference verification procedure in order to determine their ability to satisfactorily and safely care for youth. The background check includes validating the drivers’ licenses and evaluating the individual’s driving records (i.e. DUI, reckless driving, moving violations, and at fault accidents). Background check also includes child abuse registry check and Kansas Bureau of Investigation check. Incumbents in this position must be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of the youth being served in his/her assigned service area based on: physical, psychological, psycho/social, educational, safety, and related criteria. The skills and knowledge needed to provide such care may be gained through education, training, or experience.


See well enough to read reports, point cards, monitor youth, drive a vehicle, and observe discrete behaviors. Hear well enough to converse on the telephone and hear comments mumbled under a child’s breath. Speak well enough to teach skills, give feedback, discuss strategies, and converse on the telephone. Personal mobility to physically track behaviors of youth moving around the house. Strength to lift and carry groceries and suitcases up to 50 pounds. Ability to climb flights of stairs and get into a van. Dexterity to write, cook, and help with models and games. Strength to carry groceries, suitcases, and move furniture. Stamina to work 12-hour shifts or longer if needed for emergency situations and drive for up to four hours. May need to physically assist in the physical restraint of clients up to 250 pounds who need external controls.


Worker is frequently subject to inside working conditions, with occasional outside environmental conditions. Work includes constant interruptions, inappropriate behaviors, and the potential for verbal and physical threats from youth.

Youth Horizons

About Youth Horizons:

Youth Horizons is a 501c3 nonprofit, working to break the cycle of fatherlessness through mentoring and residential programs. Youth Horizons’ mentoring program helps youth grow to be confident, hopeful and productive citizens. We match youth from age 5 to 14 (at startup) with a positive Christian role model. Mentors commit to spend time with a child for a minimum of one year. Mentoring time is spent with a caring adult and includes academic advancement and development, life skill-building (sports, behavior, money management, etc.) and spiritual development (Bible study, prayer, church).

Youth Horizons' residential program provides care for boys with severe individual and family challenges. In cases where living at home or in a foster home has been unsuccessful, Youth Horizons is equipped to help. Located on the outskirts of Wichita on North Woodlawn, the ranch serves boys ages 10-22. We have four family-style group homes that are fully operational, and have the capacity to care for up to 28 boys.

Company website:

Company address: 11313 N. Woodlawn Valley Center Ks

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