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We are looking for part-time / freelance type workers to join our team of Virtual Assistants.

Currently, we are looking for Social Media Marketers.

You must have experience with all forms of social media marketing including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc. You must have worked from home before, have a home office with a reliable computer/office equipment and preferably a landline but we'll be okay with cell phones too.

We pay hourly.

You must:
- be a go-getter and able to take the lead with clients
- be self-efficient and able to multi-task
- have an understanding of the online virtual working industry, outsourcing etc.

Please fill out the join us form on the website which can be found here:

About Virtual Gurus:

We are a virtual assistant service company offering a full range of administrative, receptionist, social media and web development services at your fingertips.

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