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    $38,000 to $51,450 per year

Why Work Here?

At Urban Massage, we are a team of people passionate about helping others...


At Urban Massage, we are a team of massage therapists that are passionate about helping people heal from injuries, reduce their stress levels and feel their best through the practice of massage therapy. Our mission is to continuously create and promote an environment that focuses equally on the well-being of both staff and clients.


  • Community. We actively participate in community building activities like community events, clean-up days and fundraisers through local organizations like the Creston Neighborhood Association, North Quarter Corridor Improvement Authority and the Creston Business Association.
  • Teamwork. Working as a group is more beneficial than working alone. Our staff have the resources and tools they need to do their best work, including: great scheduling software, highly trained front desk staff, commercial grade laundry, and a large break room with individual laptops to complete SOAP notes. All of this and more provides a stable basis for working as a team.
  • Stability. We work to promote business practices that provide stable hourly pay. Commission based pay along with the practice of tipping is unreliable and leads to wasting massage therapists valuable time.
  • Sustainability. We promote sustainable business practices. The volume based model of massage therapy so prevalent in the industry is not sustainable. We focus on the value of the services we offer, not the amount we can perform in a given week. Value is based on a combination of the expertise of our therapists and their ability to provide an outcome-based massage for our clients.
  • Communication. We value kind and honest communication that is efficient, direct, and open.
  • Professionalism. We expect that every person that works with us displays a high level of professionalism to both clients and other team members.
  • Personal Responsibility. Those who take personal responsibility for the quality of their work on an individual level are more likely to add value to any group effort. Personal responsibility is closely tied to the success of our team.


YEAR-TO-YEAR COMPENSATION OVERVIEW Here’s a brief summary of what pay and benefits look like over a time period of three years working with us.


  • Yearly Salary (50 weeks per year): $38,000-$45,800
  • Paid Time Off: N/A
  • Health Care (per year): N/A
  • Continuing Education (per year): N/A
  • Perks after 90 Days: 50% off massage sessions
  • Yearly Totals (Pay/Benefits): $38,000-$45,800


  • Yearly Salary (50 weeks per year): $38,000-$45,800
  • Paid Time Off: $1000-$1200
  • Health Care (per year): $3000
  • Continuing Education (per year): $250
  • Perks after 90 Days: 50% off massage sessions
  • Yearly Totals (Pay/Benefits): $42,250 - $50,250



  • Yearly Salary (50 weeks per year): $38,000-$45,800
  • Paid Time Off: $2000 - $2500
  • Health Care (per year): $3000
  • Continuing Education (per year): $250
  • Perks after 90 Days: 50% off massage sessions
  • Yearly Totals (Pay/Benefits): $43,250 - $51,450




  • Michigan Massage Therapy License

Employee Type

  • Full-Time Massage Therapist
  • Employee / W2


COMPENSATION & BENEFIT BREAKDOWN Below is a breakdown of the details for each compensation category. We do this to be transparent and make it easier to compare us to other job offers.

Yearly Salary

  • $38,000-$45,800 per year
  • Based on working 50 out of 52 weeks per year

Continuing Education (monetary value)

  • Qualify after 365 Days: $250 per year

Paid Time Off (monetary value)

  • Qualify after 365 Days: 40 hours PTO: $1000 -$1200
  • Qualify after 730 Days: 80 hours PTO: $2000 - $2400

Healthcare (monetary value)

QSEHRA: Reimbursement towards health insurance premiums or health related expenses

  • Qualify after 365 days: $3000 per year / $250 per month

Benefits after 90 Days

  • Massage Sessions. Full-time massage therapists receive 50% off massage services.


About Urban Massage LLC:

We cultivate a healing and relaxing environment where all clients feel welcome and cared for. Our staff members are friendly, open and promote a honest working environment with opportunities for professional growth and development.

Company address: 1507 Plainfield Ave NE Grand Rapids, MI 49505

Posted date: 22 days ago

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