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Outreach Specialist - Healthcare

Upward Health in Providence, RI, USA

Outreach Specialist

The Outreach Specialist (OS) plays a critical role at Upward Health, building our community relationships and often, being a patient’s first point of contact with our company. We count on the OS to make an excellent first impression for us. That first impression often begins in the provider and social service community where our OS will work to build referral channels for our company. These entities are critical in identifying appropriate patients. In addition, this role is responsible for conducting direct outreach to patients who are referred to Upward Health. The OS meets with patients to determine whether they could benefit from Upward Health services and gathers important information about these patients, their conditions, and their goals. The OS will collaborate with our Clinical Services team to ensure continuity of care for patients who enroll in Upward Health. The OS is a community-based employee whose work takes place primarily in the field.

Key responsibilities:

  • Establish a positive presence for Upward Health at healthcare providers and community-based organizations
  • Identify prospective patients who are serviced by healthcare providers and community-based organizations and facilitate referral to Upward Health
  • Conduct direct outreach to patients via in-person meetings, phone contact, mailings, and other strategies
  • Speak with patients about the role that Upward Health can play in helping them improve their health
  • Enroll patients into Upward Health’s program and collect key data about patients during enrollment process
  • Facilitate enrolled patient handoff to the Clinical Services team
  • Outreach enrolled patients who have disengaged from the Clinical Services team
  • On an as-needed basis, interact with enrolled patients to deliver additional community-based touchpoints
  • Accurate and timely documentation in our company‘s software system
  • Continuously expand Upward Health’s knowledge of local healthcare providers and community resources, services and programs available to patients; build ongoing relationships with these organizations to advocate for members
  • Assist Clinical Services team in identifying, accessing, and referring to local resources that may be helpful to our patients, especially local health and social service programs

Our ideal candidate:

  • Ability to clearly communicate Upward Health’s value proposition
  • Active listening skills, quick thinking, and able to both be compassionate and respond to objections
  • Ability to quickly establish trust and build strong relationships with patients, providers, and social service organizations
  • Organized and self-motivated to accomplish designated duties within the daily schedule, including often working independently
  • Enjoys collaboration within a team environment and working with people of different skills and experience
  • Knowledge of community resources in the local market
  • Able to maintain clear professional boundaries with patients and coworkers, and between work with Upward Health and other community-based work
  • Commitment to represent the company with professionalism
  • Demonstrates cultural competency and ability to work with diverse groups of community members
  • Comfortable using computer for documentation, communication, and organizing work
  • Must have reliable transportation to perform essential outreach functions
  • Must be fluent in English
  • Fluency in a second language, particularly if prevalent in the region, is a plus
  • Able to work flexible hours, including occasional night/weekend work
  • Minimum of 1 years’ experience working in health, social, education, or community services required­

Key Competencies:

  • Verbal communication skills
  • Presenting
  • Persuasiveness
  • Dedication and resilience
  • Energetic
  • Adaptability
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to multitask
  • Both independence and teamwork
  • Solid computer skills

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Posted date: 25 days ago

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