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Uplifting the Community

We are a multi-service behavioral health provider that provides CORE, ACT and Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services to the adults and families of Georgia.

We are hiring for the following contractual positions:

Clinical Director (Fully Licensed) LPC, LCSW, LMFT
This is a full time position. The Clinical Director is responsible for the clinical and administrative supervision of the clinical services team with the goal of ensuring that the team provides consistent, competent and respectful treatment, therapy, rehabilitation and support to every consumer in accordance with all applicable protocols, policies, rules and guidelines. You will be responsible for providing clinical and programmatic leadership to the staff of each program of service. Provide supervision toward licensure to paraprofessionals and/or therapists providing CORE services. You will be responsible for note review as a secondary responsible, as well as ensuring that assessments and reassessments are completed in a timely manner as to not impede submission of authorizations. You will be responsible for ensuring services are being provided in accordance with Medicaid standards and guidelines. You must have verifiable leadership experience, be assertive and firm, and know how to motivate and communicate with your staff members.

ACT Therapist

You will provide therapeutic services to the intensive population with serious and persistent mental illness as part of a multidisciplinary team. The ACT Team works as one organizational unit providing community based interventions that are rehabilitative, intensive, integrated, and stage specific. Services emphasize social inclusiveness though relationship building and the active involvement in assisting individuals to achieve a stable and structured life style. The service providers must develop programmatic goals that clearly articulate the use of best/evidence-based practices for ACT recipients using co-occurring and trauma-informed service delivery and support. Practitioners of this service are expected to maintain knowledge and skills according to the current research trends in best/evidence-based practices. This position reports directly to the Clinical Supervisor of the ACT team. You will be responsible for participating in 4 team meeting weekly, submitting BIRP documentation in a timely manner, and any other documentation as required.

Partially Licensed Therapists
Requires 2 years’ experience providing therapy to adults and families. LAPC's, LMSW's, LAMFT's. You will provide individual and family counseling as well as and family skills training to families as determined by there IRP’s. You will receive FREE supervision hours and appropriate documentation for submitting full licensure paperwork to the board.


You will provide therapeutic intervention or counseling service shown to be successful with identified adult populations, diagnoses and service needs, provided by a qualified clinician. Techniques employed involve the principles, methods and procedures of counseling that assist the consumer in identifying and resolving personal, social, vocational, intrapersonal and interpersonal concerns. Services are directed toward achievement of specific goals defined by the consumers/responsible caregiver(s) and specified in the Individualized Resiliency Plan.

CSI/Paraprofessional Positions
Previous experience working as a CSI / CORE team member; OR previous experience providing behavioral health services to adults and families in a less-than-intensive environment is required. This position requires the ability to do the following: schedule consumers and manage your own time wisely; successfully write a BIRP note according to Medicaid standards; attend weekly supervision and training for your cases; contact case workers, caregivers, and other stakeholders who have an interest in your consumer; correspond regular with other team member to ensure continuity of care for all assigned consumers.

Certified Peer Specialist (CPS)
Certified Peer Specialist will provide peer support services and will function as part of a team of professionals providing services within the Assertive Community Treatment (A.C.T.) program. All applicants must be certified as a peer specialist and have a high school diploma or GED. Must be computer literate and able to write BIRP notes. Must have a valid driver’s license and reliable transportation and at least one year of experience. Knowledgeable about symptoms of mental illness, able to advocate for the consumer, adept in teaching coping/skills, comfortable sharing own experiences and perform a wide variety of tasks to assist consumer’s wellness. Must have excellent interpersonal skills, the ability to work under pressure and reliable transportation. Must be able and willing to work in the community settings.

You will provide psychiatric diagnostic interview examination includes a history; mental status exam; evaluation and assessment of physiological phenomena (including co-morbidity between behavioral and physical health care issues); psychiatric diagnostic evaluation (including assessing for co-occurring disorders and the development of a differential diagnosis); screening and/or assessment of any withdrawal symptoms for youth with substance related diagnoses; assessment of the appropriateness of initiating or continuing services; and a disposition. These are completed by face-to face evaluation of the youth and may include communication with family and other sources and the ordering and medical interpretation of laboratory or other medical diagnostic studies. This includes having the flexibility to contract several days a month with the agency to offer psychiatric evaluations and medication management to C&A and Adult populations. You will confer with consumers and families regarding symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, as well as consults with treatment team members for care coordination. You will make diagnostic recommends for appropriate therapeutic services and prescribes medication and evaluates consumers for ongoing efficacy, side-effects, and needs, ensuring all consumers have a confirmed DSM IV Axis I diagnosis that meets core customer criteria. You will be responsible for ordering all medical/psychiatric services, assisting in developing and organizing a program of clinic treatment, providing on-call psychiatric assistance as needed. You will prepare written documentation for inclusion in the consumer’s medical records and prepare psychiatric reports.

Minimum Qualifications:
Possession of a valid license as a physician to practice psychiatry in the State of Georgia is required.
Completion of a residency training program in psychiatry.
Knowledgeable of current developments in the field of psychiatry for youth and adults; hospital and clinic organization, management, and procedures

Registered Nurse
This service requires face-to-face contact with the consumers and families to monitor, evaluate, assess, and carry out the services ordered regarding the psychological and/or nutritional, behavioral health and related psychosocial issues, problems or crises manifested in the course of an individual’s treatment. You will assess and monitor consumer’s response to medication(s) to determine the need to continue medication and to determine the need to refer the consumer to a physician for a medication review. You will assess and monitor the consumer’s medical and other health issues that are either directly related to the mental health or substance related disorder, or to the treatment of the disorder (e.g. diabetes, cardiac and blood pressure issues, substance withdrawal symptoms, weight gain and fluid retention, seizures, etc.). You will consult with the consumer and families about medical, nutritional and other health issues related to their mental health or substance related issues. You will educate the consumer and family about potential medication side effects (especially those which may adversely affect health such as weight gain or loss, blood pressure changes, cardiac abnormalities, development of diabetes or seizures, etc.). You will consult with the consumer family about the various aspects of informed consent (when prescribing occurs/APRN). You will provide training for self-administration of medication; and provide venipuncture required to monitor and assess mental health, substance disorders or directly related conditions, and to monitor side effects of psychotropic medications, as ordered by a Licensed Physician, Physician Assistant or Advanced Practice Nurse. You will provide assessment, testing, and referral for infectious diseases. Ideal candidates will be self-motivated, organized, and have ability to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team. This person will also be articulate, professional and have excellent communication skills, mental/behavioral health treatment experience a plus. Must be able to create and maintain solid rapport with patients and staff.

Minimum Qualifications:
Possession of a valid license as a registered nurse in nursing in the State of Georgia is required
Current CPR certification required.
Must be computer proficient.

When applying, please ensure you have a current resume, professional references, unencumbered professional license if applicable, and a previous writing sample such as an assessment or BIRP progress note.

All applicants must be able to pass local and FBI criminal background check
All applicants must be able to pass comprehensive drug screen

Interested applicant may email their resumes

About Uplifting the Community:

Founded in 2002, Uplifting the Community, Inc. a non-profit organization prides itself on providing quality, community based services for consumers residing in the Atlanta area.

Our organization offers Assertive Community Treatment Services (ACT), Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services (PSR) and Adult CORE Services which provide through a combined effort continuous care and support services for consumers with chronic and persistent mental illness or dual diagnosis
conditions in addition to consumers with mild mental illnesses and various medical disorders.

Our organization’s primary goal is deliver services to the target population through intensive community-based treatment. Our team provides service intervention and behaviors consistent with practices that are proven effective. UTC employs staff members who are qualified, work as a collaborative team with appropriate case loads. Our optimistic outcomes include reduced incarcerations, hospitalizations, homelessness and improved clinical stability for the Adult Mental Health population.

Our programs operate a multidisciplinary team experienced in psychiatry, psychology, nursing, social work, rehabilitation, substance abuse treatment and vocational rehabilitation. Each of our expert staff are cross-trained in each discipline to improve services which are provided to consumers in their homes, neighborhoods, hospitals and other places where their issues and stresses occur.

The team’s objectives are:
◾Promote symptom stability and appropriate medication management
◾Rebuild community livelihood, personal and social skills
◾Heal substance abuse issues
◾Advocate physical health
◾Establish access to entitlements, housing, work and social opportunities
◾Encourage the highest possible level of functioning throughout the community.

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