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Chemical Operator/Refinery Technician

Twin Rivers Technologies in Quincy, MA, USA


$18 to $23 Hourly

Benefits Offered

401K, Dental, Life, Medical, Vision

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Why Work Here?

“Great opportunity to work with experienced dedicated Twin Rivers Technologies employees.”

A Refinery Technician mans a computerized control system on one or more of the refinery systems (Hydrolyzer, Fractionator, O/S, Stills, Evaporation Trains, Glycerin Refinery and other ancillary systems) to safely produce quality fatty acids per customer specifications.

Duties and Responsibilities –

• Start up the process turning valves, moving handles, working overhead, observing display screens and making other various moves to bring product into proper specification.

• Use computerized control systems and manual valves to control process and production.

• Draw product samples and conduct laboratory tests for various chemical properties such as Iodine Value, Color, pH and others. Run test on Gas Chromatographs.

• Enter laboratory test results and document observations on Quality Window.

• Perform an emergency equipment shutdown and know when it is necessary.

• Perform regular routine safety inspections that are assigned mitigating hazards or reporting identified hazards to management.

• Know the hazards of the system and the safety actions required to insure injury free operation.

• Have an understanding of the chemical process taking place in the particular unit operation being controlled.

• Know the complete piping and instrumentation diagram for the operation and be able to draw the process.

• Perform cleanup of assigned area using shovels, mix T’s and other tools.

• Enter production data and end of shift information (usage and production) into SAP.

• Perform visual/physical on site machinery and/or equipment inspection twice a shift.

• Report and notify any defects system/machineries to maintenance department /shift leader as soon as possible. Enter work orders into the electronic maintenance tracking system.

• Conduct shift turnover with the relief operator in the control room.

• Participate in maintenance activities during shutdown and repairs, joining the Maintenance team to perform inspection, installation and repairs as needed.

• Support and participate in Maintenance and Engineering teams problems.

• Perform Lockout Tag Out and Isolation of systems as required.

• Support and assist in the training and education of other employees as requested.

• Support the Company principles of Safety, Compliance, Quality, Cost and KPI’s.

• Perform other duties as requested or required.

Communications –Effective, timely and respectful communication and interactions with other employees, supervisors, individuals from Regulatory Agencies is essential.

About Twin Rivers Technologies:

Twin Rivers Technologies is a successful oleochemical producer in North America servicing the Household Products, Industrial Chemicals, Food Ingredients and Bio-fuels markets. We provide solutions that deliver superior quality, service and value to our customers. Our vision is to be the preferred supplier for Naturally Based Specialty Chemicals by consistently manufacturing and delivering high quality products through a sustainable and diversified supply chain.

By joining our team, you will enjoy the benefits of a highly self-motivated, skilled, and experienced organization with a "can-do" entrepreneurial spirit.

A vigorous emphasis on safety, quality, and delivery is woven into the fabric of our culture. All Twin Rivers employees are empowered to deliver our company goals and are encouraged to provide solutions that keep us on the cutting edge of our industry and improve our processes, our culture and our profitability. The blend of experience, open communication, teamwork, and entrepreneurial spirit provides a unique environment for all of our employees to significantly contribute to the Company’s bottom line.

Company address: 780 Washington Street Quincy, MA 02169

Posted date: 16 days ago

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