The Treatment and Learning Centers is seeking math tutors to teach early education and/or higher level math ( Algebra I & II and Geometry) for middle/high school level students. Experience with learning differences is a plus.

We are also looking for a tutor for Pre-k through 3rd grade who can work on math and reading and has special needs experience. This is a great opportunity for a retired teacher or for anyone looking to earn extra income. In-person a plus, with appropriate PPE.

Specific areas of need include:

  • Elementary - ages 5 -11, Math and Reading
  • Middle/High School - ages 12 - 18, Math
  • SAT/ACT prep, Algebra I & II and Geometry
  • Special Education

Must have a B.A. degree and teaching or tutoring experience in one or more of these areas. Flexible working hours available - afterschool, evenings, and Saturdays. Experience with Maryland education standards required.