My name is Amanda Tackett and I represent The Fountain Group. We are a national staffing firm and are currently seeking a Senior Microbiologist for a prominent client of ours. This position is located in Durham, NC. Details for the positions are as follows:

Job Description:

· BS Microbiology or BS Biological Sciences
· Strong knowledge and understanding of quality system regulations/requirements (i.e. ISO 9001, ISO 11137, ISO 13485, ISO 14644, 21 CFR Part 210/211, Part 820, and cGMP/GLP and USP requirements).
· Good understanding of cell/tissue culture systems, liquid and dehydrated media manufacturing process, aseptic techniques, sterile fill process, sterilization processes and systems.
· Knowledge of microbial, bioburden determination assays and methodologies.
· Experience with gram negative and gram positive, anaerobic bacteria, environmental fungi identification and testing methodologies,
· Experience with Bio-burden/growth determination systems, aseptic methods, tissue culture techniques and sterilization systems.
· Strong in application of technical principles, practices and procedures. Effective skills in analytical thinking and problem solving.
· Attention to detail is required.
· Effective communication skills at all levels both written and verbal.
· Ability to perform multiple tasks
· The position requires good working knowledge of microbiology techniques, such as; preparation of media, limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL) testing for pyrogens, pre-microbial load testing (PML), and water testing.
· Good aseptic technique must be utilized throughout, as a high standard of sterility is required for all testing involving media, such as TSB.
· This includes sterility testing for batch release, dose quality audit (DQA) and annual re-qualification of the applicable clean rooms to SAL 10-6 standard (ISO 11137).
· Environmental monitoring should be carried out to schedule, depending on the classification of the area.
· This is to include monitoring of particulates, air flow, contact plates and air sampling.
· Experience is required with the following cell lines; CHO, A172, PANC-1, HT-1080, Ecopack, MRC-5, BHK and primary cells from rat cerebellum.
· Proper handling, cell viability/maintenance and passaging of cell lines is vital, including cryogenic freezing methods.
· These cell line are to be used in assays for the release of specialty products.
· The ability to detect and remedy problems within a cell assay is very important.

If you are interested in hearing more about the position please respond to this posting with your resume attached.

Please forward this email to any friends or colleagues as we do offer a Referral Bonus for any candidate hired.


Amanda Tackett

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