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PLEASE NOTE!!! This is a Commission only sales position to start, productive sales agents will be offered a salary + commission position once ability to sell is established. We will provide you with unlimited client list and set you up on a speed dial CRM system for maximum results.. You must know how to cold call...

We are a US manufacture of Monitoring equipment, Primary markets are Food Service and Food distribution. We sell a our products all over the world and want to have persons interested in our products attend weekly Web demos of our products which take about 20 Minutes. You will be paid not only for every person that signs up, (web link will be provided) but we will also pay you a 15% commission every sale we close as a result of your contact. You will be cced on all emails to track the sales process.

The primary contact is the business owner or manger. You must have experience in in dealing with business calls and have a GOOD command of the English language.

We will provide a script for you to use. We will also provide you access to our cloud based speed dialer with all the leads you can handle. We provide training, a phone,either soft phone or real phone with a Temperature@lert extension and Email account.

Our products fill a major need and are capable of saving our clients thousands of dollars in lost product due to equipment temperature failure and also on energy consumption. All you need to is get them to agree to receive information and drive them to our Web site. We track all your results and pay commissions on every sale!

Good communication skills to cold call prospects, the ability to read and speak English well and a kind way with people on the phone and the ability to follow up if required along with the ability to communicate by email...

About Temperature@lert:

About temperature@lert
Temperature is a significant threat to companies around the world, especially in data centers, server and telecommunications rooms, biotechnology/pharmaceutical/medical facilities and companies requiring commercial refrigeration. A temperature change can cost thousands, if not millions of dollars in damage and lost productivity. Temperature@lerts cloud-based temperature monitoring solutions provide real-time alerts and historic records to allow customers to immediately react to potentially disastrous temperature fluctuations and provide logs for regulatory requirements. Since launching, over 40,000 Temperature@lert products have been sold to customers in over 40 countries. Temperature@lert systems are protecting over 1- Billion $ of customer assets.
Temperature@lert is the leading provider of low-cost, high-performance temperature monitoring products. Our products provide early warning to avert disaster of damaging temperature and condition changes before it's too late!

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