Accounting/Purchasing Coordinator

Stella Costruction Fairmont, WV, USA

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“Offering a vibrant, team-oriented atmosphere where skill, drive, and success are rewarded.”

Required Traits/Skills: • Good Communication Skills • Positive Attitude, personality • High level of organization • Attention to detail • Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint skills • Strong work ethic • Desire to learn, take on new roles

Desired Traits/Skills: • Notary of the Public • Quickbook Experience • Self-starter with initiative


• Main Office

o Primary initial contact with office visitors and phone callers

o Track and coordinate critical supplies

• Accounting

o Primary collector/depositor of mail at Post Office

o Bank deposits o Segregate mail and forward to appropriate person

o Entry of both purchase order and non-purchase order invoices into appropriate Quickbooks account

o Participation in check-run process, matching of checks to invoices, processing for ACH, pick-up or mail

o Participation in Trade Paperwork

▪ Maintenance of trade files

• Annual Agreement

• Insurance Certificates

• Licenses

▪ Maintenance of mechanic lien file for trades o Participation in property, B&O tax form preparations and submissions

o File maintenance

▪ Accounts payable

▪ Property files

▪ Vendor files

o Participation in Sales / Closing Process

▪ Sale / Manual Notebooks

▪ Contract / Closing paperwork

▪ Maintenance of Sales o Rentals

▪ Maintenance of renter log

▪ Maintenance of renter maintenance request log

▪ Participation in renter application / lease process

• Purchasing o Help in maintenance of CoConstruct databases

▪ Trade information

▪ House specification / plan attachments

o Matching of purchase orders to invoices with segregation of those with variances

o Entry of purchase order payments on CoConstruct

o Participation in development of reports on CoConstruct

▪ Project schedule

▪ Project finance

▪ Purchase variance

▪ Budget / Actual

▪ Warranty

About Stella Costruction:

We are the American dream. We are hard work, blood, sweat and tears. The feeling of deep satisfaction you get from a hard day's work and a job well done. That's the feeling we get seeing homes/communities coming up out of the ground. The satisfaction of watching something that existed only in the imagination and seeing it become a reality. The knowing that you get from being part of something bigger than yourself. The struggle against a timeline, against a deadline, material logistics, labor shortages, weather fighting to stop or hold up forward momentum. Dong the hard things and prevailing. Hundreds of people coming together across multiple companies to see a common vision being built. The magic of teamwork made possible through the hard work and perseverance of the individual.

Posted date: 20 days ago

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