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Why Work Here?

“Work for an exciting and growing organization! Be apart of the change revolution in inclusive post secondary education!”

Executive Director

The SEPSEA Executive Director is the professional representative of SEPSEA. As a paid employee of the SEPSEA Board, the Executive Director coordinates and/or oversees the organization's activities and ensures that the SEPSEA constitution and by-laws are followed. The Executive Director reports to and is evaluated by the Executive Committee.

Tasks and Responsibilities

· Promote the mission and vision of SEPSEA

· Provide overall leadership for SEPSEA

· Maintain the active SEPSEA membership role

· Coordinate activities related to external funding projects

· Oversee budget management for SEPSEA funds

· Secure funding for SEPSEA through grants, contact, and gifts

· Serve as ex officio member on all SEPSEA committees

· Serve as ex officio member on SEPSEA Board of Directors

· Serve as ex officio member on SEPSEA board executive committee

· Coordinate SEPSEA communication to the membership and public and serve as SEPSEA external contact

· Coordinate annual conference activities with the SEPSEA conference committee

· Carry out any duties and tasks required by the SEPSEA board



· Master’s degree in special education or a related discipline

· Direct experience with inclusive postsecondary education programs

· Resident in one of the SEPSEA states


· Bachelor’s degree in special education or a related discipline

· Direct experience with IPSE programs

Terms of Employment

The Executive Director position is a part-time position requiring approximately 20 hours per week. The position could be expanded to a more full-time position in the future.

Salary: $25,000 per year

Equipment provided: laptop computer and cell phone

Travel Allowance: $5,000 per year

Contract duration

The position is a one-year position with the possibility of renewal depending on an annual evaluation and SEPSEA budget.

About Southeast Postsecondary Education Alliance:

SEPSEA is a professional membership organization providing professional development and support for inclusive postsecondary education (IPSE) programs in the southeastern United States. The mission of SEPSEA is to promote access to quality inclusive IPSE for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) in the southeast through a shared focus on collaboration through program development, research, and public policy. It is the vision of SEPSEA for all institutions of higher education in the southeast to be inclusive of students with IDD.

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