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SIHO was formed in 1987 to provide a solution to rising health care costs for local businesses. SIHO was formed by local employers, hospitals and physicians. Today, SIHO is the dominant company in the area providing health plans to over 80 of the areas largest employers. SIHO also provides plan alternatives to over 500 small businesses in the area. SIHO is unique in the fact that we can provide any type of health plan a business may desire. Created as a comprehensive health care organization, SIHO provides claims administration, precertification, case management, concurrent review, utilization review, member services, benefit consulting, a national pharmacy network and a comprehensive network of hospitals and physicians. The services SIHO provides can be utilized for traditional indemnity plans, PPO plans, point of service plans, and HMO plans as SIHO is licensed as an HMO in the state of Indiana.

SIHO has the most comprehensive network of hospitals and physicians in southeastern Indiana, and we are also pursuing the most aggressive contracts available in the marketplace. SIHO is proud of the fact that we offer our clients the best overall discounts in the area.

SIHO direct network reaches from Indianapolis to Louisville and includes 100 percent of physicians in Bartholomew County, and over 9,000 providers and 65 hospitals. Through the SIHO rental network, coverage is available throughout most of the United States.

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