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Urban Areas Security Initiative Project/Fiscal Coordinator

Sense Makers LLC in Santa Ana, CA, USA


$65,000 to $80,000 Annually

Benefits Offered

Dental, Life, Medical, Vision

Employment Type


Why Work Here?

“We don't make widgets- we provide professional services. We value each and every team member. Without them, we don't exist as a company.”



1. The proposed Project/Fiscal Coordinator candidate(s) will submit to a thorough police

background investigation performed by the City. The background investigation will be

performed after a contractor has been selected but prior to submission to the City Council for final

approval. A polygraph examination may be conducted to determine the truthfulness of the

candidate’s responses to his/her background and qualifications. All persons employed to

provide service under the awarded contract must have satisfactory past work records indicating

their ability to adequately perform the work under said contract. Contractor’s employees

assigned to this project must meet character standards as demonstrated by background

investigation and reference checks coordinated by the City.

2. The Project/Fiscal Coordinator will work out of the Santa Ana Police Department, Homeland

Security Division.

3. The Project/Fiscal Coordinator will work a 40-hour week, consistent with regular business

hours which are 6 am to 5 pm, excluding weekends and holidays. The hours worked are subject

to the needs of the unit, and reasonable flexibility is available to accommodate the contractor.

The Project/Fiscal Coordinator can work a compressed 4/10 schedule: Monday through

Thursday or Tuesday through Friday, depending on the needs of the unit.

4. The Project/Fiscal Coordinator shall have experience in consistently managing multiple project

budgets and deadlines.

5. The Project/Fiscal Coordinator shall have knowledge of local government and federal grant

budgetary, management and procurement processes.

6. The Project/Fiscal Coordinator shall have the ability to read, comprehend, and apply various

federal grant program rules and regulations including, but not limited to, applicable code of

federal regulations; notices of funding opportunities; Environmental & Historic Preservation

requirements; state and local strategic goals & objectives, purchasing policies, and travel

policies, and provide guidance to stakeholders within the ASAUA on how to comply.

7. The Project/Fiscal Coordinator shall have the ability to research topics unfamiliar to their

normal area of expertise and experience (within Homeland Security Grant Program relevancy)

and develop program plans and objectives. Examples of such experience must be provided in

the Statement of Qualifications.

8. The Project/Fiscal Coordinator shall be courteous and maintain good working relationships

with all stakeholders within the ASAUA, state or outside agencies, other team members and

staff within the Police Department and City of Santa Ana divisions.

9. The Project/Fiscal Coordinator shall have the knowledge and ability to effectively use Microsoft

programs such as Word, Excel, Outlook, and Publisher, as well as, the ability to learn programs

specific to the City of Santa Ana such as financial management and equipment inventory

systems in order to perform services as specified in this RFP.


The Project/Fiscal Coordinator shall be responsible for the following tasks, including, but not

limited to, the following tasks:

1. Financial Management of the UASI Grant Program

a. Financial and administrative tasks associated with the management of all ASA UASI grant

program funding to ensure compliance with applicable federal regulations and the Office

of Management and Budget (OMB);

b. Overseeing grant application and investment justification process at the regional, state,

and federal level;

c. Completing all city procedures for accepting and appropriating UASI grant funding within

City’s financial management system;

d. Completing all budget projections, to include project services and personnel, for every

grant program cycle and annual City budget process;

e. Preparing and submitting all required performance reports and bi-annual financial

progress updates into the federal grant reporting system;

f. Reconciling all grant programs expenditures and submitting reimbursement requests to

the state and local fiduciary agencies;

g. Reviewing all submitted invoices and preparing the necessary back-up documentation for

submission to the Police Department and City Finance Departments;

h. Reviewing all sub-recipient reimbursement requests submitted by the ASAUA; and

i. Completing all necessary closeout procedures to comply with City, state, and federal

procedures and requirements.

2. Project Management and Coordination

a. Management and oversight of all assigned project activities, including, but not limited to:

· contract management and milestone monitoring

· ensuring compliance with all applicable rules and regulations

· managing budgets

· ensuring participation of all regional public safety agencies

· regular reporting

b. Assisting in the coordination and implementation of the contracting process to include the

development of formal solicitations (bids, RFPs, etc.) and drafting of agreements.

c. Providing briefings to the UAWG, UASI Steering Committee, OCIAC Fusion Center,

ASAUA regional stakeholders within Law, Fire, Emergency Management, and Public

Health, and the Santa Police Department executive management team.

d. Review of all required programmatic documentation submitted by grant staff and subrecipients

to include project applications, EHP, state agency approvals (including but not

limited to Sole Source, Vehicle Approval, Emergency Operation Center approvals, and

Aircraft/Watercraft Approval), quarterly reports, and project budgets.

e. Develop reports and any other relevant documents necessary to complete the services

and requirements as set forth in this RFP. If requested, Project/Fiscal Coordinator shall

attend all meetings and provide such information that is requested by City personnel for

the purpose of monitoring the resulting contract.

All materials, documents, data or information obtained from the City data files or any City

medium furnished to the contractor in the performance of the awarded contract will at all

times remain the property of the City. Such data or information may not be used or copied

for direct or indirect use by the contractor after completion or termination of this contract

without the express written consent of the City. All materials, documents, data or

information, including copies, must be returned to the City at the end of the contract term.

3. Monitoring Visits & Audits

a. The Project/Fiscal Coordinator is the primary point-of-contact on all city, state, and federal

monitoring visits and audits.

b. Preparing all documentation pertaining to the requested expenditures and period being


c. Assisting the internal grant office and city equipment inventory review processes.

About Sense Makers LLC:

SenseMakers LLC is a disaster preparedness professional services consulting company. We partner with our clients on projects that improve their resiliency to prevent, protect, mitigate, respond and recover from natural and man-caused disasters.

Company address: 60 Civic Center Drive, Santa Ana, CA

Posted date: 29 days ago

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