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Executive Assistant to CEO

RocketBike in Portsmouth, VA, USA


$45,000 to $55,000 Annually

Benefits Offered

Dental, Life, Medical, Vision

Employment Type


Why Work Here?

“We’re a fun, fast-growing agency with hands-on leadership and ample opportunities for growth.”

Our fast-growing digital agency is looking for a full-time employee to serve as both an Executive Assistant and Office Manager. This key role will assist our CEO in balancing a growing range of important tasks in addition to general office administrative duties, ultimately keeping the gears turning smoothly.

This position will start as remote but will need to work at the RocketBike office once it is safe to do so.


Note: Some responsibilities may not be applicable while the team is working remotely.

  • Act as a highly proactive Executive Assistant to help our CEO maximize productivity, coordinate scheduling, and keep up with competing priorities. Your job is to help him spend less time worrying about day-to-day details, so he can focus on the most valuable and urgent needs to grow the company.

    • Day-to-day task prioritization, focus, and time management:

      • Actively manage comprehensive to-do list of tasks (e.g. client projects, company management, personal life) adding and removing tasks, adjusting priority levels, identifying what can be delegated, or what needs more information

      • Act as a gatekeeper for non-critical information, meetings, and requests - and take care of any that do not require the CEO’s time.

      • Give reminders to keep important information top of mind like people and projects waiting on an answer or decision, how much time he has for a given task or meeting, time warnings so he knows to wrap up meetings or tasks, reminders to keep him from being late

      • Monitor and update tasks in our internal project management system

      • Drive to nearby meetings on especially busy days (in company vehicle)

    • Planning, scheduling, and communication

      • Inbox management for company email and other platforms like Slack, LinkedIn, and Facebook

        • Screen messages to clear out junk, flag important emails, and maintain a clean and organized inbox

        • Draft responses, communicate on his behalf, and route emails within the company as needed

        • Give regular “inbox summary” of important emails and messages (1-3 times per day)

      • Proactively maximize productivity in other supporting areas by minimizing physical and mental clutter, screening distractions, regular goal setting and big-picture planning, and task delegation

      • Communicate on his behalf to schedule meetings, share updates, confirm details for projects and events

      • Plan and book travel arrangements for all agency owners (avg. of 2-3 trips per month)

    • Help with personal errands like picking up/dropping off dry cleaning, taking car to be cleaned

    • Generally act as a forward-thinking extension of the CEO’s brain to help him keep up with demanding responsibilities, achieve his personal improvement goals, and accelerate the company’s success.

    • Assist with office renovation planning and coordinating with contractors (short-term during construction in late 2019, early 2020)

  • Support the greater team as Office Manager to help us maintain a fun and upbeat environment while offloading responsibilities currently performed by agency owners

    • Proof drafts for proposals, presentations, and other written communication

    • Occasional note taking during meetings or phone/video calls

    • Basic AR/AP support: e.g. print checks, pay bills, pack and ship packages, send invoices, and make sure important accounts stay current

    • Daily administrative needs like opening mail and filing documents

    • Support as needed for research, planning, communication, and the range of unique tasks we need to accomplish

    • Order and manage levels of snacks and office supplies, including bi-weekly trips to Kroger

    • Maintain organization and cleanliness of office and meeting spaces, coordinate office cleaning and maintenance

    • Welcome office visitors and create a positive first impression

    • Answer incoming phone calls we receive at the office

  • Organize and manage internal and client-facing social events including team outings, annual party, and client appreciation activities

  • Support employee on-boarding and help with new employee recruiting efforts

  • Oversee relationships with certain vendors and service providers

  • Participate in special projects as needed (e.g. photo/video shoots, conferences, speaking engagements)


60% Executive Assistant tasks for CEO

20% Supporting the team with various research, planning, and coordination needs

10% Office upkeep (snack/supply levels, organization, decluttering, etc.)

10% Admin/reception tasks (communication, greeting visitors, mail, filing)


We envision this position starting as a combination of Executive Assistant and Office Manager, then transitioning to a full-time Executive Assistant after recruiting and training a replacement for the Office Manager position in the first half of 2021.

The Executive Assistant position is the more important of the dual roles and will be critical to company growth in the next 3 years. Our goal is to find a great match who is drawn to the exciting challenges ahead and can be a valuable addition to the RocketBike family.


  • Have a good sense of humor, positive attitude, and optimistic outlook on life

  • Have experience working as an Executive Assistant for a busy, creative CEO where you successfully helped them improve productivity and efficiency

  • Understand that a successful Executive Assistant is not a receptionist, but a well-rounded and trusted partner with a relationship built on integrity. You must be comfortable performing “low skill” tasks without worrying it’s a reflection of your self worth or value to our company.

  • Know how to proactively empower others, think two steps ahead, and keep track of what needs to be done today to achieve tomorrow’s goals

  • Have a knack for prioritizing, delegating, and tracking deadlines

  • Can effectively communicate and deliver information in a clear and organized manner

  • Can independently and efficiently find solutions for everyday challenges that come with a fast paced, creative, digital-centric company

  • Know how to ask the right questions to distill ambiguous goals into specific and actionable objectives

  • Have high emotional intelligence and empathy to intuitively understand what motivates people’s actions and ability to interpret requests as signals of a foundational need rather than literal and rigid instruction

  • Are passionate about working in and cultivating a positive work environment


  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • 2+ years of relevant experience in an Executive Assistant role or support role at an advertising agency

  • Strong computer skills and high comfort level with technology in general

  • High level of self-awareness, confidence, and ability to be honest with yourself and others

  • Ability to approach challenges with an upbeat attitude and resolve conflicts with empathy and calm, thoughtful communication

  • You must be detail oriented. To make sure you’ve read this, include a note about your “spirit animal” in your application submission

  • High level of proficiency and experience using professional tools and software

    • Microsoft Office

    • Google Suite: Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc.

    • iOS and macOS operating systems

    • Huge plus if you have experience with WordPress, InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator, Lightroom, or any other professional creative software

    • Bonus points if you have experience in project management software applications or processes


About RocketBike:

RocketBike is a successful digital advertising agency looking for talented people to help us continue our rapid pace of growth. We started out as a design and web development shop but we have done just about everything in the last seven years and worked with clients across industries from finance to tourism. That time and experience has revealed how we can provide the most value to our clients and grow our successful agency without running it like a sweatshop (ahem, like most agencies).

We realigned the business in 2019 to specialize in helping consumer brands achieve significant growth on Amazon and their direct-ecommerce websites. The pivot has been enormously successful.

We work closely with a small number of clients as a true partner who is invested in their success and works more like a remote department than just another vendor. This level of collaboration is not only rewarding on a personal level, but also offers the flexibility and incentive for us to be bold, test new strategies, and help our clients outperform competitors.

We know what it takes to make a brand succeed online, but our real secret to success is understanding the importance of people. We have high standards and push ourselves to succeed, but we want everyone on our team to enjoy what they do and have the time and mental space to live a rewarding life outside of work. Our focus on people is especially important when it comes to choosing clients. We only work with companies who have smart leadership and non-toxic cultures that align with our values of respect, trust, collaboration, and partnership.

If you’re a top performer and wish more people thought this way, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. We hope to hear from you soon.

Company address: 623 High Street, Portsmouth, VA 23704

Posted date: 11 days ago

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