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Software Engineer Controls

RLE International in Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

Position Description:This is a position for an Embedded Software Development Engineer, with an emphasis on creating and maintaining software to be used in low-cost portable computing environments to assist with diagnostic testing and standards/requirements compliance. In this position, you will be working for the Connected Vehicle Products and Platforms team, who are responsible for creating innovative new solutions to assist platform development teams, validation engineers, and service technicians with ensuring that Ford produces reliable products that will serve our customers’ needs and desires. • Create applications and supporting code that will run on a low-cost computing environment that can interface with a variety of automotive ECUs to perform diagnostic, compliance, and data gathering activities. This will involve working with requirement documents, protocol specifications, ECU teams, and external vendors. • Make use of multiple application packaging and distribution methods to distribute the applications and supporting code to be used in a variety of environments, including laboratories and vehicles. • Coordinate with software development and test teams, both internal and external, to ensure the hardware and software solutions meet their needs and comply with provided requirements and standards. • Candidate will work with a diverse and global cross-functional team that includes electronic control unit (ECU) clients, global cloud-based IT infrastructure, enterprise IT systems, and other feature teams that can benefit from this low-cost portable computing platform.

Skills Required:• 2+ years of software development and/or testing experience. Must include experience with modern software development techniques (IDEs, version control systems, and debugging tools and techniques). • Experience with developing applications on Windows, Linux, Android, or other modern operating systems.Skills Preferred:N/A

Experience Required:• Experience with development and test of embedded systems (cell phones, automotive, control systems, etc). • Experience with transport protocols (HTTP/TCP/IP, etc) and interface technologies (CAN, Ethernet, Bluetooth, etc). • Ability to be detail oriented. • Strong communication skills.Experience Preferred:0

Education Required:• Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Computer Science.Education Preferred:
Additional Safety Training/Licensing/Personal Protection Requirements:
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