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Benefits Offered

401K, Dental, Life, Medical, Vision

Employment Type


Job Summary

The Driver is expected to transport and deliver freight by driving diesel-powered tractor-trailer combinations or straight trucks long and short distances.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities


Ø Hook and unhook trailers from the tractor while cranking level to raise and lower landing gear on semi-trailers.

Ø Load and unload trailer, either individually or with assistance of dock workers, with or without mechanical freight handling equipment.

Ø Perform occasional lifting, pulling, pushing, and carrying of freight.

Ø Perform chaining, strapping, and/or other types of securing methods and tarping of loads when pulling open-deck (e.g. flatbeds, stepdecks, double drops, etc.) trailers.

Ø Inspect truck for defects and safe operating condition before, during, and after trips and submit a written report on the condition of the truck at the completion of each work day.

Ø Check shipping papers to determine the nature of the load.

Ø Drive truck to destination in accordance with Federal regulations, normally in periods of up to 11 hours of driving followed by an off-duty period of at least ten consecutive hours.

Ø Apply the knowledge of commercial driving and skills in maneuvering the vehicle at varying speeds in difficult situations such as heavy traffic, inclement weather, or in tight loading dock areas.

Ø Ensure that all shipping documentation (e.g. manifest, security seal sheet, bills of lading, shipping orders, freight bills etc.) required to move with shipments is available for inspection and that the appropriate paperwork accompanies shipment when delivered.

Ø Maintain records required for compliance with State and Federal regulations including drivers’ logs, records of fuel purchase, mileage records, and vehicle inspection reports.

Ø Perform all duties in accordance with company policies and procedures and comply with all Federal, State, and local regulations for the safe operation of a commercial motor vehicle.

Ø Report all accidents involving driver or company equipment.

Ø Report highway safety hazards noted en route.

Ø Promptly report any delays due to breakdowns, weather, or traffic conditions or other emergencies, or in the event irregularities relating to pick up or delivery of cargo occur.


Ø Safe and legal operation of a commercial motor vehicle.

Ø Safe and timely transportation of freight from origin to destination.

Ø Proper loading, unloading and securement of freight to assure safety and minimal risk of damage to cargo and danger of persons.

Ø Proper handling and accurate completion of all necessary paperwork related to truck operations and freight movements.

Ø Professional representation of the company and the trucking industry through responsible driving.



Ø Must possess a valid Commercial Driver’s License


Ø Must have two years’ previous tractor-trailer driving experience

Knowledge & Skills

Ø Must have the ability to read, write, and perform simple mathematical calculations with mental ability to handle receipts, read maps, read road signs, maintain logs, etc.

Ø Must have a working knowledge of vehicle safety and control systems.

Ø Must have knowledge of DOT regulations governing safe driving, hours of service, inspection, and maintenance.

Ø Must be available for around-the-clock trips to accommodate freight movements and must be able to be away from home for reasonable periods of time.

Ø Must meet or exceed the medical standards of the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Ø Must satisfactorily pass a pre-employment drug test.

REO Logistics

About REO Logistics:

Our Company
REO Logistics is a 100+ year old 3rd Party Supply Chain solutions provider specializing in designing integrated transportation, distribution, warehousing and toll processing solutions for industrial manufacturers. The company has physical locations in VA, WV, KY, OH, LA and TX but services businesses around the world.
Our Values
Everything REO Logistics does is based on its core commitments to Integrity, Safety, Innovation and Quality and it is successful because of its cultural focus on its core values: integrity, problem solving, listening, initiative, accountability and positive attitude.
REO’s Culture is
• the thing that enables its success. It is a way of life at REO Logistics.
• a statement about REO’s aspirations
• a set of shared beliefs; values and principles. Our culture defines our expectations.
• What attracts you, and lots of other amazing people just like you, and also unlike you to come work for the company.
• Is work. We expect everyone to work hard. Every day. We expect everyone to care about the little details and sweat over the big ones.
• An investment. We expect everyone to buy into it, to check up on it, to worry about it and to bet their future on it.
• Your responsibility. No single person owns it, we all do. And we all expect each of ourselves to hold up our end of the deal.
• Going to change. It has to. We expect everyone to commit to being ok with this and to doing their best to help the company correct course when their help is needed.
• Always going to assume we all care about it equally.

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