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The Leasing Coordinator is responsible for providing clients with top-tier customer service and excellence in management services. Real Property Management Preferred relies on the Leasing Coordinator to demonstrate leadership and create trust with owners and Residents (both current and prospective), as well as contractors and other vendors. The Property Manager instills confidence in our services by taking world-class care of the properties we manage.


  1. Hands-on management of property portfolio
  2. Management of Tenancy Applications and Agreements
  3. Partnering with the Leasing Agent to prepare advertisements for available rental properties
  4. Maintaining regular, close contact with current clients
  5. Organizing moving in work orders for new move ins
  6. Organizing inspection schedules and work orders for new move ins
  7. Monitoring all new potential tenant customer leads
  8. Inputting leads into guest cards, calling or emailing potential clients to utilize Rently lockboxes or schedule appointment with leasing agents
  9. Monitor leasing agent activity
  10. Process all incoming lease applications
  11. Obtain missing information from client and follow up with check list items for each application
  12. Utilize Wrike for all task management procedures for each application
  13. Manage VA leasing customer service rep
  14. Handle all current resident verification of residency forms.
  15. Prepare Photos for each home
  16. List homes for lease on HAR, in Appfolio, Buyeracquire, and Rently
  17. Attending and participating in office meetings
  18. Attending and participating in training sessions as directed by the Manager
  19. Adhering to all procedures required in this role.
  20. Providing feedback for and participating in continuous improvement of procedures and processes
  21. Other duties as assigned



  1. Highly detail oriented and organized in work
  2. Strong analytical thinking and troubleshooting skills
  3. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with a customer service focus
  4. Ability to act and operate independently with minimal daily direction from manager to accomplish objectives
  5. Proficiency with email and Microsoft Office applications
  6. Ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively with all levels of employees, management, and external agencies to maximize performance, creativity, problem solving, and results


The Leasing Coordinator is highly organized with strong time management skills and an understanding of prioritization. Naturally driven to provide excellent customer service and to instill trust, the Leasing Manager is a natural communicator with good negotiation skills, the ability to work independently, and a professional demeanor.