Technician Level T-2 (Intermediate)

Position Summary: The Technician Level T-2 is responsible for providing expert residential electrical service.

Essential Functions:

  • Provide all necessary repairs to electrical systems in each client’s home.

  • Install/replace new electrical panels and service equipment and main disconnect switches.

  • Install/replace meters up to 400 Amp single phas.

  • Install and troubleshoot any item related to residential electrical equipment.

  • Possess a working knowledge of home automation systems.

  • Responsible for maintain a neat work area at all times while in a client’s home, including wearing shoe covers.

  • Perform checks of the electrical and repair system before leaving the client’s home (after it has been serviced or repaired) to make sure that the system is working properly and that we indeed fixed it right the first time.

  • Explain to each client what service you are performing and how our team provides more and better service than other companies do.

  • Maintain and average of $450 per call on repairs. Never sell the client a repair that they don't need. Proper inspection of the client's system, looking for ways to prevent breakdowns, and the proper use of the StraightForward Pricing Guide will yield a $450 average or better. Do the right job for the client and everyone will win.

  • Always be safety-conscious both on the job and while driving.

  • Explain the club membership program to each client, giving them an opportunity to join. Maintain an average of converting at least 25% non-club members and maintain a 90% renewal rate on existing club members.

  • Maintain your truck to be neat and clean on the inside and outside at all times. The truck is one of the best billboards that the company has. Park the truck for the maximum impact of the "billboard" when possible.

  • Obey the Team Rules.

Technician Expectations:

Insurance Certificates, Licenses, Etc.

All service technicians should have a laminated copy of each of the following documents that is kept on the Service Ticket clipboard:

  • Company general liability insurance certificate.

  • Company worker's compensation insurance certificate.

  • Better Business Bureau membership letter or membership certificate.

  • Chamber of Commerce membership certificate.

  • The service technician brings insurance certificates and licenses out and shares them with the client when:

  • He is discussing the estimate of repairs, but before the work is started.

  • The work is completed and he is reviewing the service ticket with the client.

Smoking, chewing, drugs, etc.

  • NO smoking in company van or truck.

  • NO smoking in or around client home.

  • NO chewing tobacco during working hours.

  • NO cigarette packs in uniform pocket.

  • NO chewing tobacco box or tin can in pocket.

  • NO drug use PERIOD (on or off duty).

  • Drug testing of every applicant and all employees, including owner, must be done.

  • Random Drug Testing of all employees must be done on a consistent basis.


When an individual demonstrates sustained ability at the T-3 level, the may be promoted to Level T-2.

These individuals possess technical skills above those of a Technician Level T-3 and are expected to work without direct supervision.

These individuals are able to fully operate a service truck by themselves.

Date: December 2011-2013

Position Type: Full time, Hourly or Piece Rate, Non-Exempt

Compensation: $16+ per hour or Piece Rate ($55,000-$72,000 est.)

About Power Crew:

Local small business serving the Omaha metro area & specializing in electrical service & repair.

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