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We are looking for talented and passionate web developers that have an obsession with leveling up their skills (web development skills, not your alchemy skills in Skyrim). If you're up for this challenge the requirements are as follows:
  • A desire to make work fun and enjoyable (this is first on the list for a reason)
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript experience required
  • Experience with Drupal gets you extra points
  • Can take a joke (your mom can take a joke)
  • Browsing /r/programming is your favorite pastime
  • Organization and punctuality are life traits you possess
  • You believe Dreamweaver only weaves nightmares
  • You used Macs before they were cool
Role: Provide clients with amazing support. Update content on live sites. Write code (HTML, CSS, and jQuery or whatever is the latest hotness). Manage tasks in order to meet client needs in a timely manner.
Please include as many of these things in your response as possible:
  • Resume
  • Contact information (email and phone number)
  • Examples of web-sites you've designed
  • Personal site
  • Github account
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About Poetic Systems:

Poetic is a fast-growing company driving the burgeoning tech scene in Houston. Our client portfolio includes startups, Fortune 500 companies and everything in between. Our mission is to lower the barrier for entry in technology so that anyone can transform their idea into a reality.

Our teammates are valued for having a can do attitude rather than the perfect set of skills. Our team is comprised of open-minded people that foster a collaborative, creative and rewarding atmosphere. We actually keep our word when we say work/life balance is a core value. We'™ll push personal limits whilst giving you the freedom to operate on your own terms in an inclusive and meritocratic environment. There'™s no task or role beneath anybody (even cleaning the coffee machine). When you have a place that brings out the best in people, magic (and great work) happens. Our culture is part of why we consider ourselves a truly exceptional company, but it is our people that make us an unstoppable team.

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