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Splunk Engineer in Boise, ID, USA

Employment Type

Splunk Engineer
Location – Boise, ID
Permanent Job

• Relevant Exp – 2 to 3.5 years
• Creating queries and dashboards for all Micron customers
• Implementing new data sources
• Increasing the effectiveness of Splunk's Enterprise Security module
• Support and maintain the Micron Splunk infrastructure
• Monitor licensing and utilization
• Implement Splunk and Enterprise Security updates/patches
• Offer best practices where applicable

Day to Day
• Monitor the software environment to ensure peak performance
• Monitor the hardware environment and work with Windows Team
• Monitor Licensing usage
• Develop and maintain Disaster Recovery plan
• Maintain Splunk TA’s and Apps (upgrades, etc.)
• Work with customers to improve query/dashboard performance
• Provide suggestions on improvements
• Work with SOC to streamline use cases

As Needed
Work with Micron Engineer to:
• Develop and implement improvements to the configuration files
• Add new Data Sources
• Add new TA’s and Apps
• Reduce Data Source noise
• Develop and implement new use cases and alerts
• Increase alert fidelity
• Provide training to other groups as necessary
• Upgrade Splunk Versions

Job would be:
All the things listed under “As Needed” above plus:
• Manage staff-aug workload
• Work with Management to ensure we are focusing on the correct data streams
• Focus on Enterprise Security – working with other Engineers/Teams
• Work with other Engineers on Automation/Data usage
• Develop best practices
• Review new functionality/capabilities – Determine what fits our business
• Work with Customers on capabilities and extract greater usefulness

Posted date: 27 days ago

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