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.NET Developer- Just Call Me at 650-815-9376

Mountain View, CA OveractDev Technology Partners

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What You’ll Do:

If you’re not pounding out code locked in a closet then you will be forced to impress our clients by whatever means necessary. Don’t get me wrong we will take VERY good care of you, we’ll even allow you out of the office for unlimited vacation.

We are looking for amazing people to hire because we are snobs about the type of talent we hire. This means that we have put together a team of incredible people that you might get the honor of working with if you meet the following requirements.

  • You have been banging out code for at least the past 3-5 years.
  • You can show me what YOU have designed, executed, assessed, and troubleshot over the past 2 years.
  • Your know your way around UpdatePanels, Callback Framework, and web services.
  • .NET 3.5/SQL Server/ASP .NET MVC or Web Forms - you’re all about it.
  • You are Agile and you are a team (not party) player.
  • Your communication skills are better than the average programmer.
  • If we hand you a challenging problem you can’t sleep until you figure it out.
  • You suffered through four years of computer science classes and all they gave you was a lousy piece of paper or you learned everything you need to know from the school of hard knocks.

Think you’re up to snuff? Then, you should really consider this position because your Klout score will instantly skyrocket which is really tough since they changed the algorithm. Don’t worry that’s not all we have to offer, we have all the other benefits you have come to expect too.

Need to know more?

Visit us on our website,, or for a more personalized experience call Allacyn at 650-815-9376.

If you do send us your resume, we’ll look over your information as soon as we get it because we really do nothing all day long, but sit at a computer waiting for people to send us their impressive resumes. It’s OK- if your resume doesn’t impress us, we will just delete it and no trees will be harmed in the process.

All joking aside this is a great opportunity to work for a well-established software development company. Work on exciting projects for Fortune 500 companies and funded startups as a member of our amazing engineering team.


  • Work on challenging projects that stress your mind and make you a better programmer.
  • Work alongside some of the most talented brains in your industry.
  • Broaden your skills on the newest technology tracks... don’t become stale
  • Follow our lead and become disciplined in your practice, you can make as much as $200,000

Call me, Allacyn at 650-815-9376 or email me at
Or visit us on our website,

This is my company. Make it your company.

About OveractDev Technology Partners:

About Us:
We provide custom software development to our clients and we have successfully implemented a variety of web-based applications ranging from email marketing centers, online stores and marketplaces to site-building software applications.

As a company we work to support our employees and provide them with everything they need to be amazing, including free food and drinks, plenty of entertainment, and generous time off. We also provide health and dental insurance, 401(K) savings plan, and plenty of great parties.

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