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We are expanding and are looking for individuals for entry level in all aspects of our business such as:


OnPoint OC is a promotional advertising company with exceptional customer service that offers financial rewards and promotions determined by performance. We work with major companies in the sports, hospitality and entertainment industry. These clients need high energy, upbeat individuals with great customer service skills to represent them!





About OnPoint OC:

What OnPoint OC Stands for

Some businesses are content to pay through the nose for TV and radio ads that don’t strike a personal chord with the public. OnPoint OC is here for the companies that want more from their marketing efforts. Our on-site and personal approach to promotion outperforms other traditional methods of PR. We directly reach your target audience with professional client relations allowing customers to interact and ask questions about what you have to offer. By building quality relationships, establishing trust, and instilling promotion benefits, customers make informed purchasing decisions with confidence and zeal.

Boosting Your Brand’s Profile with the Latest Techniques

OnPoint OC harnesses industry-leading geo-targeting technology, which allows us to zone in on the areas with the most opportunity. Our sophisticated systems also ensure every area of the community you serve is visited on a regular basis. Depending on our clients’ needs, our talented representatives are able to develop promotions for particular counties, regions or ZIP codes.

The next step is to get our firm’s business to business and business to consumer representatives out in the community, and interacting with the public directly. We’re like the TV commercial that you’ve always wanted – one that’s adaptable and responsive to the needs and concerns of individual customers.

Our cutting-edge company is proud to serve businesses in a diverse range of industries such as catering, entertainment, hospitality, and travel. Our clients rightfully set a high benchmark for our talented event coordinators and account managers to reach, and our focus is always on surpassing expectations. But for this level of performance to be possible, it is vital we develop our team, invest in tomorrow’s leaders, and make our recruits passionate about the work of the great entrepreneurs we endorse.

Turning Heads of Customers Like Never Before

Of course, it isn’t just our clients who benefit when OnPoint OC is on task. We are authorized by our clients to offer exclusive discovery incentives as well as loyalty rewards to acquire new and reengage existing customers. These exclusive opportunities are highly valued by consumers and greatly boost levels of acquisition and retention.

But no matter how great a promotional voucher is, it’s still important to make customers learn about these great opportunities, and that’s where our lead generation and marketing specialists make an impact. Whether they’re delivering presentations in a business’ environment or at a public event, their assured, consistent and confident approach makes your product or service irresistible.

A Chance to Take Your Career to New Heights

At OnPoint OC, we like to call our unique approach a win-win-win situation. Our clients notice demand for their products skyrocket to the extent where they’re able to invest and innovate, our customers get to professional sports events or take the kids to an amusement park, and our business gets to expand.

But for all of this to be possible, we need to acquire account managers and event coordinators to train in this rewarding industry. Our career advancement program equips talented professionals with all of the skills and confidence necessary to make the right impression.

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