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Job Description:Reporting to the Director of Operations, the Clinic Coordinator (CC) coordinates all functions of the clinic, working in partnership with the provider staff to ensure smooth operation at the
individual clinic level; is responsible for the day-to-day business operation and facility maintenance of
the practice.
Required to adhere to all regulatory compliance measuresas identified by the organization
and/or specific needs of the practice.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
1. Knowledge of the essential functions of a medical/dental clinic
2. Knowledge of general office practices and procedures
3. Knowledge of ADA, CPT and ICD-9-CM coding
4. Knowledge of in office lab procedures
5. Knowledge and skill in operating personal computer utilizing word processing, spreadsheets,
databases, e-mail, and medical/dental software.
6. Knowledge and skill in operating various office equipment, such as adding machine, calculator,
copy machine, facsimile machine, postage scale, typewriter, and telephone system
7. Skill in accuracy and attention to detail
8. Ability to maintain confidentiality of information, most importantly patient financial and medical
9. Ability to read, write legibly and calculate mathematical figures
10. Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of variables
11. Ability to work with and supervise others
12. Ability to maintain a Class C Drivers License and to perform courier duties
13. Ability to travel distances for multiple days
14. Ability to exercise good judgment in appraising situations and making decisions
15. Ability to work and interact effectively and positively with other staff members to build and to
enhance teamwork in the clinics and overall NVHC's organization
16. Ability to communicate in a courteous and professional manner
17. Ability to understand and respond appropriately, effectively and sensitively to special population
groups as defined by race, ethnicity, language, age, sex, etc.
18. Ability to hear and speak to converse over telephone
19. Ability to see to use computer efficiently and read computer reports and correspondence
20. Ability to lift up to 20 pounds on a frequent basis
21. Reasonable accommodation will be made for physical limitations on anindividual basis
Education and Experience:Associate's degree or equivalent from two year college or technical school
is required plus at least 3 years related experience and training; or equivalent combination of education
and experience. Experience in medical/dental setting.
Nevada Health Centers, Inc.
Clinic Coordinator/Regional Clinic Coordinator
Role:Leads the clinic team(s) towards excellence in patient care. Coordinates all functions of the
clinic. Works in partnership with the provider staff to ensure smooth operation at the individual clinic
Administrative/Supervisory Responsibilities
1. Supports clinic team members toprovide excellent services
2. Follows, monitors, knows and ensures compliance with administrative policy and procedure
3. Performs quality assurance audits and reviews
4. Implements new programs
5. Solicits, records, reviews, and implements suggestions for improving clinicprocedures utilizing
established processes
6. Organizes, conducts staff meetings and forwards team minutes to administration
7. Responsible for basic financial statements measures including profit and loss. Daily monitoring
of performance measures. Reviews and guides clinic productivity
8. Establishes appointment schedule. Maintains smooth patient flow
9. Oversees walk in and triage process
10. Ensures MSDS sheets for all chemicals utilized or located in the clinic (toner, cleaning solutions,
medical solutions, etc) are maintained in the clinic MSDS book
11. Ensures all employees are aware of MSDS book location within the clinic
12. Ensures timely end of day processes
13. Maintains, monitors and accounts for petty cash and change fund
14. Ensures safety of all staff and customers
15. Coordinates with providers to maximize productivity and efficiency
16. Ensures and monitors HIPAA compliance and patient confidentiality
17. Ensures proper computer policy and procedures are followed
18. Implements and manages special grant programs
19. Performs other work related duties
Data Management
1. Competent to use software necessaryto operate and manage clinic(s)
2. Monitors tasks and workflow of staff utilizing data information and systems
3. Acts as a resource to support staff
4. Identifies workflow and patientflow opportunities using data
5. Collects and compiles data for special grant programs as established by grantor
Personnel Management
1. Meets with employees to discuss knowledge, skills, proficiency and compliance
2. Completes employee evaluations in accordance with NVHC policy and procedure
3. Creates a positive work environment and handles grievances
4. Interviews and provides input in regards to hiringclinic staff
5. Administers employee disciplinary actions after consulting with Human Resources
6. Schedules personnel and coordinates earned time off (ETO) and coverage for clinic staff
7. Reviews time sheets for accuracy, approves and submits time sheets
8. Coordinates new employee orientation verifying knowledge and skill proficiencies
9. Conducts/coordinates employee and volunteer training as needed
Supervisory Responsibilities
1. Supervises clinic staff
2. Supervises janitorial services and ensures cleanliness of clinic during operational hours
3. Coordinates repair, security and maintenance of facility and equipment.
4. Works with MIS regarding problems with computers or telephone system
Purchasing Activities
1. Compiles list of supplies for inventory and establishes PAR levels
2. Monitors inventories according to PAR levels and accounts for supplies, vaccines and IOADS
3. Submits purchase orders, follows up on itemsnot received or back order items
4. Receives and signs for deliveries and forwards packing slips to purchasing department
Financial Responsibilities
1. Understands and reviews financial statementsto maximize productivity and enhance revenues
2. Influences clinic staff in cooperation with billing to insure appropriate collections.
3. Assists billing in insuring staff follows correct billing practices
Customer Service
1. Promote clinics by means of outreach community efforts by participation of the following: clinic
sites, health fairs, public speaking events, business/other flyer distribution, and active
involvement with non-profit committees group
2. Handles all patient complaints
3. Sets the example of exemplary customer service for both internal and external customers
4. Arranges and assists in providing for special needs of patients (i.e., handicapped, interpreters,
5. Monitors and maintains appropriate waiting room environment
6. Ensures cleanliness of work environment during operational hours
7. Has general knowledge of services NVHC clinic sites offer
Quality Management
1. Attend training seminars, conferences, and meetings as assigned by supervisor
2. Participates in quality management projects
3. Responds to and makes improvements to clinic processes and issues based on input from Quality
Improvement Committee.
4. Monitors compliance with health care measures and works with clinic team to improve goals.
5. Ensures and monitors lab procedures in accordance with NVHC policies.
6. Notifies supervisor of unusual occurrences and adheres to policy regarding incident forms and/or
patient complaints
7. Ensures compliance with HIPAA, OSHA & other regulatory agencies
8. Attends and actively participates in staff meetings
9. Follows all NVHC policies and procedures
Nevada Health Centers, Inc.
Performance Standards
Clinic Coordinator/Regional Clinic Coordinator
Professional Competence
1. Develop and maintain a team atmosphere thatensures the development of personal growth.
2. Utilizes knowledge of general office procedures and functions of a medical/dental clinic to
create efficient, positive work environment
3. Utilizes knowledge of ADA, CPT and ICD-9-CM coding in reviewing charges
4. Utilizes knowledge of NVHC policy and procedures, HIPAA, OSHA and other regulatory
agencies to ensure clinic and staff compliance
5. Utilizes leadership and supervisor skills to ensure staff efficiency and morale
6. Utilizes resources as needed to meet needs of the patient and organization
Patient Relationships/Quality of Service/Customer Service
1. Courteous, respectful and creates safe, clean environment for patients and staff
2. Ensures confidentiality of information
3. Sets the example of exemplary customer service for both internal and external customers
1. Diligent in evaluating processes, procedures and work flow to increase efficiency and
productivity in the clinic environment sharing successes with peers and supervisors
2. Utilizes good time management skills to ensure all facets of clinic operation are completed in a
timely manner
1. Ensures any billing, reports, time sheets, etc are accurate and submitted on time
2. Recognizes opportunities for staff training and conducts/coordinates training
3. Verifies and ensures competency when utilizing data system
4. Conducts purchasing activities; ensures efficiency in supply stocking and utilization
5. Fulfills data gathering requirements and terms of special grants
6. Works with administration regarding accountability of donations earmarked for the clinics
1. Dependable and punctual
2. Works positively with administrative office in implementing policy and new programs
Peer/Co-Worker Relationships and Teamwork
1. Works to create/maintain good relationshipswith supervisors and co-workers
2. Fosters working together as a team, dealing withand resolving conflict in a timely, efficient and
positive manner
3. Organizes, conducts, ensures staff participation in team meetings
4. Demonstrates fairness in conducting personnel management responsibilities
Contributions to Company and Community
1. Participates in community functions that represent NVHC
2. Utilizes proper dress and grooming habits and always presents NVHC in a positive light

About Nevada Health Centers, Inc.:

About Nevada Health Centers

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