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mSIGNIA's leadership team has over 40 years in combined mobile security knowledge and implementation. They have led numerous, innovative mobile security efforts with start-ups and international vendors such as Symantec, GTE, and Cybertrust.

mSIGNIA's app security platform was patented in 2011 and designed specifically to secure mobile apps, with both the end user and the app creator in mind. By using mSIGNIAs patented technology, the data a mobile app accesses can be used to:

1) Provide a frictionless authentication for the user with no passwords required.
2) Detect rogue apps and malware tampering of iOS and Android devices.
3) Provide defense for mobile app developers with a large customer base such as financial institutions, eCommerce providers and healthcare corporations.
4) Establish a reliable device reputation to combat fraud by defending against man-in-the-middle attacks and account takeover over all mobile devices.

mSIGNIA's patented and privacy-compliant security platform uses the individual's encrypted behavior analytics to anticipate the changes that normally occur in a user™'s data as they interact with their mobile device.

The result is a frictionless user experience that can allocate for a superior, contextual data based security that passively delivers true end-to-end protection in order to prohibit cyber risks like identity theft and fraud.

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