$11 to $20 Hourly

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401K, Dental, Life, Medical, Vision

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Why Work Here?

“Plenty of hours, great benefits, and endless opportunities to grow and gain value in the company!”

  • Performs any combination of following duties involved in preparing forms and pouring concrete to make pre-stressed structural beams: Cleans forms, using hammer, scraper, and brush, and sprays form with oil to prevent adhesion of concrete. List the primary duties and responsibilities in order of importance
  • Check the forms that hold the concrete to see that they are properly constructed.
  • Pushes stressing cables through form, threads ends through guide holes in end plates, and clamps end of cables to plate.
  • Spread, level, and smooth concrete, using rake, shovel, hand or power trowel.
  • Removes forms from cured beams, using hand tools, and cuts protruding end of stressing cable, using oxyacetylene torch or electric saw
  • Perform basic carpentry skills
  • Ensure a safe and clean work environment at all times.

Company address: 2001 West Washington St.

Posted date: 16 days ago

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