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game chang·er

noun: game changer; plural noun: game changers

an event, idea, or procedure that effects a significant shift in the current manner of doing or thinking about something.

We are MOSS, an award-winning home remodeling company based in Northern Virginia and we are changing the game in the residential remodeling industry. Customers are tired of the hard sell, dishonest business practices, poor workmanship, poor service, and frankly what is often just a terrible experience when remodeling their homes. We are changing all that. We are building a company where innovative ideas and cutting-edge techniques result in customer experiences that blow away our competition and the minds of our customers. Where legendary customer care results in customers for life. And where employees work together as a team to accomplish incredible things together.

We’re growing fast and right now we’re seeking a game changing remodeling professional to join our team. What makes a game changing remodeling professional? The person we are seeking is passionate about helping find, hire, and train team members to bring the vision of enhancing the quality of people’s lives in their home to a reality. They truly believe that the remodeling industry can be better than it is now. We’re looking for someone who gets it. Someone who understands that it’s much more than providing just a remodeling project – it’s really about delivering a totally different experience. One that customers remember and talk about fondly for a very long time.


  • The opportunity to work in a team-based environment. You will sit next to, and work hand in hand with, the people that sell and design your projects to ensure that you and your projects are successful.
  • We provide a take home vehicle and company gas card.  You do not need to spend money to get to work. 
  • Competitive salary 
  • Access to your team’s profit-sharing pool.
  • There is no pre-defined limit to your paid time off. It is limited by your supervisor’s discretion, and your ability to accomplish your job.
  • Career advancement opportunities for high performers. 
  • Retirement account with company match. 
  • Medical benefits 

Some of our successful Project Managers...

  • Joined our staff as a field technician after closing their own business due to the economic downturn; quickly moved up the ranks to a Project Manager position, becoming one of the top producers in the company.
  • Started as a subcontractor, hired on as a field technician, moved up to Safety Officer and Lead of Construction Standards, moved to Project Manager, and is now one of the highest producing Project Managers in the company.
  • Came to Moss as a subcontractor and worked for the company for 10 years; decided to close his company and is now a Project Manager.

Qualifications for this key position include:

  • Outstanding communication skills
  • A demonstrated passion for remodeling design projects
  • A track record of high performance and achievement in construction
  • A minimum of 5 years of residential construction experience, at least 2 of which include responsibility for project budgets & schedules. Remodeling experience is preferred over new construction, but not required.
  • Hands on experience in - and a good understanding of - residential remodeling trades (carpentry, plumbing, electrical, etc.)
  • Ability to manage multiple projects in various stages at the same time
  • Understands the importance of being on time.
  • Understands the importance of maintaining a safe and clean job site
  • Ability to communicate in a timely, effective, and professional manner with clients, sub-contractors and coworkers
  • Ability to read and interpret architectural drawings
  • Experience with contract negotiations 
  • Experience with identifying and procuring necessary materials
  • Solid organizational, supervisory and leadership skills 
  • Strong detail orientation, problem solving and job coordination skills
  • Basic proficiency with a computer (email, scheduling/purchasing software, Microsoft Office)

MOSS is an equal opportunity employer.

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