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$25 to $30 Hourly

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Why Work Here?

“Awesome approach, not just tutoring but connecting with kids!”

Learning Facilitator (LF)

As a Learning Facilitator (LF) you will be on site working with small groups of students at private homes, one-on-one or in small groups of 2-6 students.

Responsibilities include:

  • Assisting students with their remote learning curriculum by supervising Zoom calls with their teachers, and helping with classroom and assigned work.
  • Managing student schedules (created by our Team) and working with students (older children) to create their own self guided daily agendas.
  • Recording observations and formative assessments as provided by our team so that we can build schedules and provide oversight for the individual students programs.
  • On-going communication (or as needed) communication with our team. We will need to check in with the LF after 4:00 PM Monday – Fridays either by Zoom, phone, or email.
  • Supporting and helping to implement enrichment work (created by our Team) so that students may advance and get ahead.
  • Teaching turn-key( created by our Team) mindfulness lessons, art lessons, and mindful movement lessons.
  • Being open and able to growing with our personalized learning and mindfulness philosophy and approach of attuning to students needs.
  • Working with our team to be trained, supported, and guided to evolve with the technology and curriculum needs as they evolve.
  • There will be approximately 4 hours of Zoom training required prior to the opening of our Fall program.