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Family Care Management Trainee

LifeStream Behavioral Center in Leesburg, FL, USA

JOB SUMMARY: Ensures continuity of care while facilitating and expediting permanent placement for children through a care management model that develops, expands, accesses and links resources in the community that meet the needs of children and families throughout the foster care process.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS and RESPONSIBILITIES: The list of essential functions, as outlined herein, is intended to be representative of the tasks performed within this classification with or without an accommodation. It is not necessarily descriptive of any one position in the class. The omission of an essential function does not preclude management from assigning duties not listed herein if such functions are a logical assignment to the position.

  • Works in an office environment with frequent visits to external environments (home visits) that requires driving to and from various locations
  • Requires experience in working with the public and handling sensitive situations appropriately
  • Requires the willingness and ability to work an irregular schedule as the needs of children and families sometimes dictate.
  • The ability to comply with the regulations requiring a workplace of dignity and respect and equal employment opportunity compliance.
  • The ability to work collaboratively with others and to accept constructive criticism from supervisors and managers.
  • Willingness to abide by the company’s published rules and regulations


  • Attend formal instruction (Phase I: Pre-service training for Child Welfare Case Management) and pass provisional certification test.
  • Upon successful completion of Phase I, enter Phase II which is monitored field practice under close supervision until child welfare certification is achieved through the Florida Certification Board.
  • Provides care management services, including assessment, planning, linking, monitoring, and advocacy, to assigned children and families from intake to discharge from the foster care system.
  • Ensures completion of Medicaid Comprehensive Behavioral Health Assessments (CBHA) and constructs and implements case plans in accordance with CBHA recommendations for all children and their families receiving services in the foster care system.
  • Develops case plans on behalf of families served in the foster care system and ensures that they include a realistic permanency goal that can be achieved within 12 months, measurable objectives relate to the permanency goal, specific task assignments with timelines while meeting all legal requirements under Chapter 39.
  • Reviews and updates case plans monthly or more frequently as needed to assess family progress toward permanency goal and the need for modifications to the goal as necessary.
  • Keeps stakeholders, including parents, informed of current status of case plans whenever goals, interventions or timelines need to be changed.
  • Provides families with educational information in order to enhance their awareness of child abuse and neglect and to promote family stability and a healthy family system.
  • Maintains electronic and paper records of each case, ensuring that chronological notes of care management service activities are accurate and entered timely into the appropriate data system.
  • Ensures all legal/judicial work is prepared timely and in accordance with Florida Statute and agency policy.
  • Identifies and monitors children and families at risk and advises Family Care Manager Supervisor of their status.
  • Refers children and families to appropriate community services and otherwise assures continuity of care for children and families.
  • Treats all children and families with the utmost respect and common courtesy.
  • Participates in staff development programs and other training opportunities as required.
  • Participates in team meetings, client care and utilization reviews, and staff meetings as required.
  • Formulates and submits comprehensive, accurate and timely court documents in preparation for judicial proceedings.
  • Attends court proceedings as required, comports self in a professional manner and provides accurate and pertinent information as solicited by the presiding judge or general magistrate.
  • Acts in accordance with all original and modified orders of the court.
  • Assumes rotating on-call responsibilities as assigned and executes all necessary functions attendant with those responsibilities.
  • Establishes and maintains effective working relationships required for proper functioning within the role of Family Care Manager, including the following:
    • Relationships as a member of the service unit, particularly in the area of assisting other team members as appropriate and expected
    • Relationships with supervisory staff, emphasizing proper response to and use of supervision and appropriate reliance on supervisory staff to guide activities during unusual circumstances;
    • Relationships with community resource providers, particularly emphasizing facilitation of the referral process and providing continuity of care;
    • Relationships with children and families, including awareness of and attention to developmental issues related to interpersonal functioning within the family environment.

COMPETENCIES: Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Motivation (KSAM) required for an employee to be successful.

  • Serving Our Consumers: Effectively meeting consumer needs, building productive consumer relationships, and taking responsibility for consumer satisfaction and loyalty.
    • Consumer Focus: Building strong consumer relationships and delivering consumer-centric solutions.
    • Values Differences: Recognizing the value that different perspectives and cultures bring to an organization.
    • Age Specific: N/A
    • Basic Job Readiness: Courtesy, Flexibility, Reliability, Responsiveness
    • Personal Effectiveness: Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Self-Management, Thinking Skills, Timeliness
    • Organizational/Management: Compliance, CQI Commitment, Management of Information, Organizational Participation, Safety
    • Performance Specific: Crisis Management, Customer Focus, Focus on Child Safety, Well-Being & Permanency
  • Effective Communication: Clearly conveying information and ideas to individuals and groups in a manner that engages the audience and helps them understand and retain the message.
    • Communicates Effectively: Developing and delivering multi-mode communications that convey a clear understanding of the unique needs of different audiences.
    • Manages Conflict: Handling conflict situations effectively, with a minimum of noise.
  • Continuous Improvement: The ongoing process of achieving positive changes in service and processes in order to improve efficiency and quality.
    • Resourcefulness: Securing and deploying resources effectively and efficiently.
    • Cultivates Innovation: Creating new and better ways for the organization to be successful.
  • Expertise: Demonstrating proficiency of an employee's skill or knowledge within their field of practice.
    • Drives Results: Consistently achieving results, even under tough circumstances.

KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS: Possesses workable knowledge of community resources. Possesses the ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing. Possesses computer skills necessary to negotiate the Family Care Manager Trainee role. Possesses the ability to assess risk in children and families. Possesses the ability to document in a clear, concise manner. Possesses the skills necessary to assess, interpret and deliver care-related information concerning the life-span development of children and families. Possesses a positive attitude concerning all aspects of working in a challenging environment, including significant patience and respect for children and families who can become upset at circumstances, sensitivity to cultural needs/differences and willingness to serve as a positive member of a working team.

PERSONAL QUALITIES: Possesses the physical health and stamina to consistently carry out job duties and essential functions over the course of a workday. Possesses the ability to operate a motor vehicle. Possesses the ability to work independently, as well as with other staff members.

SPECIAL FACTORS: Successful completion of State of Florida Pre-Service training. Completes agency-specific training within the first six months of employment and obtain certification within one year of completing Pre-Service Training. Possesses a current Background Clearance Screening Letter as required by DCF. Possesses a valid Florida driver’s license, have a personal vehicle to conduct direct field activities, have a valid Florida insurance card, and is insurable by the agency’s current insurance carrier.

JUDGMENT/DECISION MAKING: Utilizes established corporate policies and procedures in making decisions. Uses sound judgment in meeting the responsibilities and performing the duties of the position.


  • Education: Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in psychology, counseling, social work, human services, social services or related field.
  • Experience: Two years of direct experience working with children and families.

TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT: Completes all requirements according to Individual Training Plan within the first six months of hire and annually. Other training and/or professional development may be assigned due to evolution of programs.