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Occupancy Inspector - Detroit, MI

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Occupancy Inspections

Drive by the addresses given and determine occupancy of the property. The orders are coming from mostly mortgage companies checking on the status of the properties.
Photos and information due date to be 4-6 days from assignment.
DAILY (NO MORE THAN 48 HOURS) – communicate with office as to status or orders will reassigned.

Process Overview:
Addresses are automatically assigned by zip code to a driver via our website. As addresses are received from our client, they are assigned to the driver. The driver receives e-mail notification that work has been put in their queue.
The driver is responsible to log on to the system, route the work to be completed and submit the work back via website.
Work volume depends on driver’s request of counties. It is normally expected that a driver can cover 30-60 houses per day in rural areas.
The driver will be a subcontractor, receiving a 1099 for taxes.

Photo Requirements:
Street Sign
House Address (on house is best, mailbox is ok, Tax card is acceptable)
All 4 sides IF VACANT
For Sale sign if present
Evidence of occupancy – car in driveway, debris, etc.


Payment Schedule: Payment to be paid on the Friday following work completion, no less than 7 days.
Pay is per order, no additional allowance for gas.

About Johnson Home Repairs:

JHR is a property preservation/inspection company located in Washington Court House, Ohio, started in 2007. JHR began by maintaining the listings of the real estate office of the owners. The preservation kept growing as we looked for more work for the crews. We began occupancy inspections to fill the routes of the preservation crews. We now cover 5 states completing about 30,000 inspection orders per month throughout Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Michigan. We also cover the entire state of Kentucky, West Virginia and Ohio with preservation services.

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