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About iiCON Construction Group:

iiCON Construction Group is a progressive construction company focused on the Commercial, Federal & Local Government Market Sectors. We are based in Colorado Springs, CO and perform work in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas & Wyoming. We are a growing company and are looking for the best candidates to grow in responsibility and leadership. Our projects range between $5-$30 million in size.

Our Core Values:

Creative Solutions
- Strive to find more efficient ways to be productive
Customer Focused
- Our sole purpose is to serve the needs of our clients
Quality Results
- Providing a quality end product or system is the primary philosophy
- Our clients are trusting us with their investment and it is our responsibility to spend wisely
- Personal integrity is the basis of how we operate daily
- Our team provides the essential leadership on all of our projects on behalf of our clients
- Every person is essential in the success of the project and the company

For more information on our experience and project types, visit www.iiconcg.com

iiCON Construction Group offers a competitive salary and benefit package to our employees.

EEO Statement
iiCON Construction Group, LLC is committed to provide equal employment opportunity to all applicants and employees. Equal opportunity means every candidate will receive consideration based on his/her ability to do the job, and each employee will be treated in a nondiscriminatory manner on the job. We do not and will not discriminate in our business practices on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, veteran, marital or citizenship status or any other protected class. We are firmly committed to achieving equal opportunity for all individuals. This applies to all personnel actions, including external and internal recruiting, hiring, training, promotion, and pay and benefits administration.

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