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Senior Full Stack Developer

Idyl Technologies in Nashville, TN, USA


$90,000 to $120,000 Annually

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Why Work Here?

“Opportunity to work on cutting-edge technology at a company poised to disrupt the Cloud industry”


Idyl Technologies brings Silicon Valley to the South. Based in Nashville, TN, we're a public cloud provider—similar to AWS, Azure or Google Cloud—except that we have an intense focus on simplifying application deployment, management and monitoring. Known as Operations Automation, our platform allows developers to focus on developing applications, not configuring infrastructure. Increase development velocity, reduce deployment complexity and streamline IT processes with Idyl's turn-key DevOps platform. Our cloud environment tightly integrates cloud-native tools like Docker containers and cluster orchestrators to simplify the rollout of highly available deployments without advanced knowledge of networking or learning complex tools like Kubernetes. Go from Github to Production in minutes. Simple. Open-source. Developer-focused. Idyl Cloud — Now in beta


As a public cloud provider, Idyl Technologies is seeking a Full-stack Developer who will be responsible for building customer facing web applications, GUIs and cloud APIs. The Full-stack Developer will add features and functionality to our existing cloud software, but also have the opportunity to build new applications from the ground up. The Full-stack Developer will work closely with our infrastructure engineers to develop new product features and expose them to users through clean and intuitive APIs and UIs. The most promising candidates will also have an eye for design, incorporating beautiful elements into the UI, and have an empathy for the end-user, expressed through an intuitive UX. In general, you must:

  • Be an independent, proactive, curious, relentless, disciplined, infinite learner

  • Be able to put yourself in the shoes of the client and translate business objectives into sensible application designs

  • Be comfortable in a startup environment and be adaptable, willing to self-start, and work in various roles, as needed

  • Be an excellent communicator and team player capable of working with other engineers


  • 7+ years experience in software development with advanced skills in common frameworks, Node.js, Express.js, React, Angular.js, or Vue.js.

  • Experience building scalable software based on object-oriented abstractions and modular design patterns

  • Extensive experience designing RESTful APIs and writing documentation

  • Knowledge of DevOps practices and tools, including containerization (Docker and Kubernetes) and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines

  • Basic understanding of building cloud-native applications, incorporating microservices architecture, object storage and container frameworks.

  • Understanding in fundamentals of software development, including Agile processes, test-driven development, and tools for developing, testing, integrating and deploying code

  • Comfortable developing in a team using Git version control


  • Experience with containers and container orchestration, i.e. Docker and Kubernetes

  • Experience with Operations Automation tooling (i.e. Infrastructure-as-Code) such as Terraform, Ansible and Jenkins

  • Golang development experience

  • Clear understanding of the principles of distributed systems, including stateful/statelessness and the CAP theorem

  • Experience developing in a microservices design pattern


Work in a team to develop infrastructure applications

  • Work with our Cloud Architects and IT Systems Engineers to outline a development roadmap

  • Expose the features of a robust command line interface application through a browser-based operations portal

  • Add new features to our cloud software along with API elements

  • Design new applications following well-established design patterns to achieve modularity, scalability and extensibility

  • Leverage modern frameworks, tools and technologies, where appropriate, such as Docker, Kubernetes and CI/CD pipelines

Lead Projects

  • Act as a product development leader, guiding our product design and feature roadmap

  • Understand market trends and research existing solutions and emerging technologies

  • Draw on interactions with clients and observed market demands to formulate product strategy

  • Manage design, development, testing, deployment and analysis of product features

  • Report progress to executive/strategic team, providing recommendations as necessary

Document projects

  • Maintain detailed documentation of software designs, changes and macro-scale issues

  • Create historical records of steps taken and lessons-learned to ensure software and/or hardware can be maintained into the future

  • Create flowcharts, diagrams, specifications and other records that concisely illustrate architecture, key design decisions, API components, etc.

Idyl Technologies

About Idyl Technologies:

Idyl Technologies is a public cloud provider that empowers developers from code to production through easy-to-use, cutting edge cloud technology. We automate operations through a cloud that is custom built to run containerized software applications. Our goal is to help small to medium sized companies become leaner, more nimble, and more efficient so that they’re better equipped to meet their organizations’ evolving business demands.

Company website:

Company address: 626 Main St. Nashville, TN 37206

Posted date: 20 days ago

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