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Why Work Here?

“Remote role, work from ANYWHERE! Work on your terms, micromanagement free, earn the highest payout in the recruitment business.”

We are seeking experienced Recruitment Professionals (Remote / Home Office) to join our growing team!

Are you a staffing industry professional who wants to earn the highest industry payouts, without micro-management, the need to commute or the stress of a corporate environment. If you have the desire to work independently with a team to support your efforts and all the tools needed to facilitate your success, watch this:

Who is HireResources?

HireResources is a rapidly growing national recruitment platform. We provide you with the tools, structure and support to be successful. You work within our platform to build your business.

We are a collaboration of tenured staffing professionals that understands we are stronger together than apart. We are very team oriented and go the extra mile to help our team members. We are all dedicated to producing results for our clients and doing business with integrity.

Why Work with HireResources?

  • Highest commissions in the industry…up to 80%
  • Remote, work from home role
  • No micro-management
  • Own your own business with complete back-office support
  • Team environment. Collaborate daily with other successful industry professionals.
  • Flexibility: Work when you want; How you want; and on What you want.

Are You a Fit for HireResources?

  • You have 5+ years of success in the recruiting industry
  • You desire flexibility
  • You are entrepreneurial and are motivated to Succeed
  • You want to be part of a supportive team
  • You do business ethically and take pride in your work
  • You want to take control of your future and realize the income you deserve

We are breaking down the old “brick & mortar” business model by offering you all the same benefits. Best of all, the savings go back to you. HireResources accelerates your earning potential.

HireResources is not your average staffing firm, our culture is micro-management free. Work where and when you want. Our professionals run their own desk how they want. We assist our staffing professionals in scaling their business to make more placements, and more money!

We do not pay salaries, 80% of every direct hire deal goes back to the desk! Uncapped income potential, politic free environment, job splits, collaboration tools, ATS, Job Boards, training, support, back-office, best practices, are all inclusive!

Our Members receive all the benefits of a brick and mortar staffing firm without the meetings, politics & limitations!

We seek leading professionals who have a high level of expertise in their industry and a history of professional accomplishment. We have openings for Managing Directors, Staffing Directors, Staffing Professionals, Recruiters and Business Developers.

What you will do at HireResources:

  • Develop a pipeline of candidates for open client jobs
  • Work directly with other Members and clients to deliver superb results
  • Develop pipeline of new clients - if you choose to
  • Record and document activity in ATS/CRM system
  • Collaborate with other team Members
  • Work independently from home office

You’ll also Enjoy:

  • Weekly team updates
  • Weekly knowledge based advisement and coaching sessions
  • Constant flow of new clients and open jobs
  • Discounts to job boards and LinkedIn
  • An integrated Collaboration Platform to support your business
  • State-of-the-art ATS platform
  • Integrated Sales / BD Team
  • Most of all, you will be working side by side with an amazing team of industry professionals

If you have interest in joining the HireResources team, let’s chat.

Simply schedule a call with us by going to

HireResources (Internal Openings)

About HireResources (Internal Openings):

Thank you for contacting to HireResources

Your application process is NOT completed yet.

Please review the webpage link below. If you meet our requirements and would like to schedule a call to learn more about HireResources go to the bottom of the webpage provided below.

To apply and schedule a call with us go to:


A minimum five (5) years of direct recruiting experience is required.
No more than 3 jobs in the last 5 years.

Required experience from one or more of the following:

Direct Hire or Contract Recruitment experience is a must.
Ownership of a recruitment agency or independent recruitment experience.
A proven background working for a recruitment agency or recruiting/talent acquisition within a Corporation.
​A desire to work independently and remotely.
A strong work ethic, entrepreneurial spirit, and be self motivated.

If you lack any of the above bullets we will not be a good match for you.

To apply, please go to

Schedule a call with us located at the bottom of the page.