$25 to $37 Hourly

Benefits Offered

401K, Dental, Life, Medical, Vision

Employment Type


Why Work Here?

“Help to make history and be part of a revolution in producing fuel from garbage!”

In preparation of the start up of Fulcrum BioEnergy's first waste to fuels facility, Sierra, we are recruiting individuals with a strong safety aptitude and attitude, as well as a keen desire to be involved with a project that will make an impact on our community.

We are in need of experienced Process Operators who will be responsible for the safe and optimal operation of all Biorefinery process equipment, including gasifiers, reactors, boilers, pumps and compressors.

Job Duties / Responsibilities:

  • Actively supports, follows and participates in Biorefinery and Fulcrum health, safety, and environmental (HSE) programs; reports all safety incidents and injuries. Intervenes in the event of a potential safety issue.
  • Operates equipment manually and/or by instrument/computer control while maintaining temperatures, pressures, levels and/or other process variables to meet the Biorefinery’s planned production and quality.
  • Reviews documentation of operating conditions and daily orders at beginning of shift turnover. Checks instruments, performs routine rounds and assures that the operation and equipment conform to operating requirements.
  • Equipment operations include operation of all valve types, operations of pumps and compressors, furnace firing, collecting and testing samples using laboratory equipment and adjusting chemical injection rates.
  • Monitors and operates facility process control computers. Continuously monitors and adjusts operating parameters to ensure optimal Biorefinery operation.
  • Identifies, reports, troubleshoots and manages abnormal operating conditions.
  • Follows standard operating procedures for equipment operations. Makes recommendations for improvements to procedures when possible.
  • Reads and interprets drawings, schematics, PFDs, P&IDs, isometric drawings and other technical documentation related to equipment or Biorefinery operations.
  • Documents operating conditions in logbook and end-of-shift report including non-routine issues, process upsets and equipment status to maintain excellent records and ensure thorough turnover to the relieving shift.
  • Prepares equipment for maintenance per maintenance plans and proper control of hazardous energy (LOTO). Works with Fulcrum and contract maintenance personnel to ensure repairs are performed safely and correctly.
  • Performs minor and/or preventive maintenance, as assigned, such as lubricating equipment.
  • Maintains high standards of housekeeping to ensure the Biorefinery and work areas are tidy and hazards are minimized.
  • Performs other duties as assigned to ensure the overall success of the Biorefinery.

Working Conditions:

  • The Biorefinery is an outdoors chemical processing plant environment, which includes but is not limited to the presence of chemicals, dust, noise, hot and cold surfaces, pressure vessels, tanks, rotating equipment, vehicular traffic and the necessity of working at heights and in confined spaces.
  • Work may be required to be performed outdoors in inclement weather such as wind, rain, sleet, snow and hot or cold temperatures.
  • Control room environment includes monitoring and adjusting the Biorefinery control system and communicating process conditions with others.
  • Biorefinery Process Operators work a 12-hour rotating shift schedule in teams to operate and maintain the Biorefinery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Scheduled work will include weekends and holidays. Overtime will be required on occasion to cover shifts for absences, holidays, paid time-off, startups, shutdowns and maintenance events.

Qualification Requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED required. An Associate Degree in process technology, equivalent education or equivalent experience is desired.
  • At least 3 years experience as a Process Operator in an industrial chemical plant.
  • Ability to learn all Biorefinery process operations and qualify for all Process Operator tasks.
  • Demonstrates mechanical knowledge, skills, ability and related work experience.
  • Possesses basic computer skills.
  • Demonstrates excellent personal safety.
  • Ability to use and/or be trained to use hand and power tools and operate equipment such as forklifts, scissor lifts and man-lifts.
  • Ability to be trained in and participate in emergency response activities.
  • Ability to follow written and oral instructions on process conditions to be maintained, specifications to be met, product routing and disposal with a minimal amount of supervision.
  • Ability to effectively communicate with others, both written and in verbal form. Basic reading and writing skills, with the ability to perform basic mathematical calculations.
  • Successful completion of pre-employment medical, drug, alcohol and criminal background checks.

Physical Requirements:

  • Job duties may routinely require standing, climbing ladders, walking, sitting, twisting, stooping, crouching, kneeling, talking and hearing, making visual inspections, making precise hand and finger movements, reaching or grasping.
  • Job duties may routinely require specific vision abilities which include close vision, distance vision, color vision, peripheral vision, depth perception, and the ability to quickly adjust and focus vision.
  • Job duties may routinely require lifting and/or carrying objects up to 50 lbs.
  • Job duties may routinely require pushing and/or pulling objects up to 50 lbs.
  • Job duties may routinely require climbing ladders and/or stairs to heights over 175 ft. and working in elevated locations.
  • Job duties may routinely require performing strenuous physical activity while wearing personal protective equipment.
  • Must be able to comply with Fulcrum’s respirator protection program.

Fulcrum BioEnergy, Inc.

About Fulcrum BioEnergy, Inc.:

Based in Pleasanton, California, Fulcrum is leading the development of a reliable and efficient process for transforming municipal solid waste - or household garbage - into jet fuel.

The company's plants, beginning with Sierra BioFuels near Reno, NV, will provide customers with low-cost, low-carbon drop-in fuel that is competitively priced with traditional petroleum fuel.

Fulcrum, a privately held company, has aligned itself with strategic feedstock, technology and fuel offtake partners, such as Waste Management, Waste Connections, United Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, Japan Airlines, Marathon Petroleum and BP, to further strengthen and accelerate the company's innovative approach to commercially producing large volumes of renewable fuel from municipal solid waste.