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Job Title: Coordinator of Youth Ministry

Position Status: Part-Time (Variable/Approx. 20 hrs/week)

Salary: Negotiable; contingent on education, experience and hours of employment

Reports To: Director of Ministry, weekly and Christian Education Team, monthly

Purpose: Design and implement new strategies that when well coordinated with our present ministry will culminate in a comprehensive program that will encourage our youth to be disciples for Christ; and create a lifelong and continual relationship with Christ. Establish and maintain relationships with children, youth, families, and church community.

Major Focus: Direct Youth & Family Ministry: Grades 6 through 12

Minor Focus: Oversee Children & Family Programming: Pre-School through grade 5



  • Serve as a committed youth advocate, in line with the ideals of the Roaring Spring First Church of the Brethren. On a regular basis, educate and enlighten the congregation about the hopes, concerns and needs of the youth in the church and local community.
  • Provide activities that appropriately respond to the needs of our youth for relationships, events, and opportunities where they can enjoy fellowship, discern their gifts and become empowered to be effective leaders and servants as called by God.
  • Serve as a mentor to coach or assist youth in planning and developing activities, events, and ministry of their choosing (Youth-In-Ministry).
  • Mentor youth and provide initial support & spiritual guidance, which aligns with church ministry strategy and plans.
  • Provide input into the youth ministry budget for reporting and future budget purposes within the Christian Education budget.
  • Encourage and facilitate regular youth participation in all church sponsored programs and services through the growth of relationships.
  • Foster appropriate intentional Christian relationships with and in-between youth.

CHILDREN (pre-school through grade 5)

  • Be cognizant of Sunday School curriculum and teaching methods, co-curricular events and programs such as VBS and mid-week programming, and offer input that will significantly help to build a feeder program for the youth.
  • Foster appropriate intentional Christian relationships with and in-between children.
  • Coordinate with church leadership to ensure appropriate clearances are obtained for volunteers working with the children.


  • Develop and maintain a personal relationship with each youth coach that encourages creativity and opportunities to grow as effective coaches.
  • Utilize the strengths of each youth coach to develop an effective integrated team that can best meet the individual needs of each and every youth
  • Provide training and instruction when appropriate for remediation/growth of each youth coach
  • Advocate for adequate volunteer support and youth coaches-to-youth ratios in coordination with the Christian Education Committee.
  • Foster appropriate intentional Christian relationships with the coaches, in-between coaches, and between coaches and youth.
  • Coordinate with church leadership to ensure appropriate clearances are obtained for volunteers working with the youth.


EXPERIENCE (Preferred but Not Required)

  • Effectively working with children, teenagers, young adults and diverse groups.
  • Developing, organizing and effectively managing programs.
  • Be willing to undertake professional development
  • Previous experience working with children/youth in a Christian environment


  • There should be evidence of the gifts of servanthood, teaching, leadership, administration and shepherding.
  • There must be a passion for Youth-In-Ministry.
  • There should be evidence of an active and growing personal discipleship.
  • One should have the ability to be an active listener, delegate responsibility, encourage accountability, complete initiated tasks, and work well with other adults and youth.
  • One should have excellent written and verbal communication skills, conflict management skills and computer skills.
  • There should be a sincere interest in seeking feedback from youth and their parents, youth coaches, and leadership for continued professional growth.
  • One should enthusiastically solicit and utilize parents and others who have the potential to help.
  • Model their talk by frequent attendance at church services and youth activities.
  • Required to obtain all clearances needed to work with youth and children

Company address: 901 Bloomfield St Roaring Spring PA 16673

Posted date: 27 days ago

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