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Public Sector IT Project Manager

eiWorkflow Solutions, LLC in Albany, NY, USA

eiWorkflow Solutions, LLC is a cloud software consulting firm based in Albany, NY. eiWorkflow Solutions, LLC is currently looking for a consultant for the following role.

Public Sector IT Project Manager

Tasks the role will be performing:
Lead project teams and maintain the necessary project documents including scope, schedule, communication plan, business requirements, business rules, and other necessary project documentation. Delegating and coordinating task completion by project team members. Will be handling project status reporting and issues/risk identification and mitigation.
1. Will be completing status reports, status briefing, risk and issue identification and mitigation.
2. Communication of project status and updates at all levels of organization, with internal stakeholders, project team and executive staff
3. Development and maintenance of detailed project plan with milestones and detailed roll out plan.
4. Development and maintenance of detailed project budget.
5. Identification and maintenance of critical path and contingencies
6. Risk monitoring, control and mitigation planning
7. Resource allocation estimating and reporting
8. Management of project teams to implement a new product
9. Support and guidance for resulting business process changes
10. Planning and support during training and transition

Requirements for the position:

  1. 12 months active PMP (Project Management Professional) certification
  2. 84 months experience as Project Manager for a $10M + IT implementation
  3. 84 months experience as project team lead in a federal or customer facing application project implementation
  4. 84 months experience as a project team lead in a business analysis project implementation requiring process changes
  5. 84 months experience in maintenance of a multi-year project plan for an IT effort with milestones and resources
  6. 48 months Experience leading a communication effort for a multi-layered/cross functional IT implementation
  7. 48 months Experience in risk identification and mitigation for a multi-layered/cross functional IT implementation
  8. 84 months experience with government projects that followed a Project Management methodology.

Date First Created: 08/14/2017