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Public Safety IT Project Manager

eiWorkflow Solutions, LLC in Albany, NY, USA

eiWorkflow Solutions, LLC is a cloud software consulting firm based in Albany, NY. eiWorkflow Solutions, LLC is currently looking for a consultant for the following role in Albany, NY.

Public Safety IT Project Manager

Tasks the role will be performing:

Full-time Project Manager will be assigned to manage multiple projects based on approved project workload. Daily activities will include but not be limited to:
• Managing multiple application development platforms including mainframe applications, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) implementation, and/or technology infrastructure projects simultaneously.
• Managing teams comprised of 10+ cross-functional, vendor and other state agency staff as necessary for completion of project tasks.
• Developing comprehensive project plans, managing project tasks, communicating project updates and providing required status reports.
• Mitigating and escalating issues, including Executive level escalation.
• Managing project scope, deliverables and customer expectations.
• Functioning as a facilitator to clarify business and technical requirements which cross project team boundaries.
• Possessing strong written and verbal communication skills.
Producing project documentation and deliverables using Microsoft Project, Visio, Excel, Word and Power Point.

Requirements for the position:

  1. Minimum of bachelor’s degree with a preference for IT or Project Management, or national certification in Project Management.
  2. Minimum of 84 months experience with multi entity project teams in the development and successful implementation of multi-million dollar, multi-year development projects.
  3. Minimum of 84 months experience implementing projects utilizing industry standard system life cycle methodologies including iterative project planning, design, development and management of project teams.
  4. Minimum of 60 months experience implementing deployment strategies spanning multiple entities, including risk mitigation strategies associated with ensuring implementation success, dissecting deployments into manageable risk adverse phases, and involving both Agency and Vendor teams across highly available and scalable multitier applications using Object Oriented or Service Oriented Architecture.
  5. Minimum of 18 months experience managing projects in a state or federal government environment, oriented in matrix management techniques, negotiating with senior management on resource allocations and project responsibilities, which includes state or federal public safety agency roll-outs and upgrades.

If interested, please send your resume along with your expected all-inclusive rate and three professional references. Please include your current location, your expected all-inclusive hourly rate and your rate type (W2 or C2C) in your submission. Please note that submissions without the above requested information might not be considered complete.

Date First Created: 11/20/2016