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IT Project Manager 1403

eiWorkflow Solutions, LLC in Albany, NY, USA

eiWorkflow Solutions, LLC is a cloud software consulting firm based in Albany, NY. eiWorkflow Solutions, LLC is currently looking for a consultant for the following role.

IT Project Manager

Tasks the role will be performing:

The Consultant will be responsible for the creation and maintenance of all project management deliverables with the input of both contract and DOH project team members. Examples of project management activities and responsibilities that will be required of the Consultant in this project include but are not limited to:

• Coordinate the activities of the project teams.
• Create, monitor and manage project plans, schedules, scope, risks, issues, costs, changes, and other project management artifacts.
• Report project status.
• Provide a focal point for issues and concerns raised by the Contractor team or the NYSDOH.
• Manage Contractor system development tasks and project resources per priorities established by NYSDOH.
• Identify risks and develop strategies to control them.
Document lessons learned.

Requirements for the position:

  1. 84 Months of experience with managing IT software and database development projects which included analysis, design, coding, unit testing, quality assurance, implementation, infrastructure and security tasks, as well as system maintenance work.
  2. 84 Months of experience with developing and managing project plans and resources using project management software, such as Microsoft Project.
  3. 84 Months of experience with defining and managing project Cost, Scope, Schedule, and Quality (CSSQ) including developing project budgets, scope statements, project schedules, and quality standards
  4. 60 Months of experience in managing IT application development projects with multiple development teams.
  5. 36 Months of experience in developing and executing project communication plans.
  6. 36 Months of experience with performing Risk Identification including the development of a Risk Assessment Plan.
  7. PMI PMP Certification (provide certification date).