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The Utah State Board of Education (USBE) is engaging a part-time development resource to perform sustainment for USBE’s Statewide Online Education Program (SOEP) Enrollment, Approval, and Tracking System, known as SEATS. The resource must possess a strong understanding of financial principles, to include funding management principles and practices, and tracking methodologies. The resource must also possess a strong understanding of advanced statistical and mathematical principles and experience developing and maintaining data systems using .NET framework, ASP, C# and SQL Server, including the ability to incorporate/integrate data visualization capabilities into web design.

Incorporated into this Scope of Work are any representations, promises, or agreements contained in the responses submitted to the above-named solicitation.

Resource Responsibilities

  • Prepare a wide variety of design, programming, and documentation tasks necessary for the development, implementation, and sustainment of IT applications

  • Develop software solutions by studying requirements analysis and information needs; conferring with stakeholders and IT management; studying systems flow, data usage, and work processes

  • Perform software design using software development fundamentals and processes

  • Debug, test, and deploy software solutions

  • Use various programming languages and tools, including but not limited to .NET Framework, C#, JSON, CSOM, REST API, PHP, Active Server Page (ASP), Visual Studio, Visual Basic, HTML, JavaScript, JAVA, JAVA Applets, visual basic script, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Ajax, XML, and other related web languages and tools for the development and deployment of web and mobile applications

  • Develop logic and implement secure coding solutions to prevent/mitigate coding vulnerabilities such as SQL-Injection and cross-site scripting

  • Create normalized database tables and SQL queries in MS SQL Server, Oracle, and other RDMS and database tools

  • Perform basic database administration tasks, performance optimization, index optimization; write advanced select queries

  • Plan and coordinate the development of data structures; identify specific data elements to be used in the system; design, develop, or modify relational databases

  • Follow prescribed data standards, policies and procedures, information security/information assurance policies, principles, and practices

  • Prepare project plans, functional requirements, charters, and timelines

  • Coordinate meetings, budgets, statements of work, SOPs, status reports, cost-benefit analyses, and resource utilization estimates

  • Assist in the development and completion of Problem Statements and Business Case Analysis

  • Oversee the coordination of the installation, testing, operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of systems

  • Work with customers to identify report requirements to translate data elements from the database to workable reports for end users and upper management

  • Evaluate and provide guidance to project team members on the process employed in the analysis, design, documentation, testing, and/or evaluation of systems or segments of systems

NOTE: Although it is anticipated that the resource will work on the above-mentioned SEATS sustainment project, tasks and work will be assigned solely at the discretion of USBE IT staff. The resources will report to and obtain direction from USBE IT managers. Work schedules will be developed and approved by USBE IT staff.

Pay will be based solely on the hours worked and not on the specific type of task or projects assigned. The hourly rate paid by USBE to Knowledge Services on behalf of resources is an all-inclusive, fully burdened rate. USBE will not pay for travel time or any work-related expenses, nor will USBE pay overtime rates.

Resources are expected to begin work as soon as possible in order to meet USBE deadlines. Unsatisfactory work or performance issues may result in USBE’s rejection of invoices or termination of its engagement with a resource at any time, and USBE reserves the right to select a different resource to complete the work.

Resources may have access to sensitive data, including student personally identifiable information. Accordingly, resources must comply with applicable security measures, including possibly mandatory background and security checks. In addition to the terms of State of Utah Contract #IT2462, this engagement shall also be governed by the following terms and conditions regarding student data privacy.

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