We are LightPro Tech, Inc. A Founding Member of the United States Energy Efficiency Alliance. U.S.E.E.A. org is a new coalition of experts in all fields of energy efficiency, specializing in commercial lighting retrofits.

We are looking for the best sales people to train as Certified Lighting Auditors and Regional Sales Managers.

Most of you are familiar with the Pareto Principle. More commonly known as the 80/20 rule, its basic premise is that 80% of any output will be generated by only 20% of the total input utilized.

If 20% of the sales people produce 80% of the business, then the remaining 80% of new hires, collectively, make only 20% of the sales. The Conclusion? 80% of all hiring decisions made involving salespeople are mistakes.

How then, does LightPro Tech avoid these mistakes?

Well, first and foremost, we are experts in TRAINING!

The Harvard Business School recently conducted an in-depth study in this area, and they found that top sellers possessed the following character traits:
  • 100% acceptance of responsibility for results
  • Above-average ambition and desire to succeed
  • Above-average willpower and determination; self-discipline is a key;
  • Intensely goal-oriented
  • High level of customer empathy
  • Impeccably honest
  • Does not take "no" personally
  • Has the ability to approach strangers, even when it is uncomfortable to them

The only problem with this data, of course, is that these traits are very difficult to ascertain from a resume or an interview. How can we determine whether the smooth talker is a future star performer?

Most companies and sales managers require a person to have industry experience as a prerequisite. The translation of "experience required" is "we're too lazy to train you." Not here. At LightPro Tech we Do Not require you to have industry experience! We are, first and foremost, a training company! Product knowledge and other essential sales skills can be learned.

Sales motivation on the other hand, comes from the heart.

The self-discipline and desire to be the best isn't something that we can teach, cajole, or bribe. It is a part of your character, and if it isn't there, nothing we can say or do is going to produce results.

So, what we are looking for are candidates who have a strong work ethic, a burning desire to succeed and the desire to be an expert entrepreneur in the LED Lighting and green energy industry. Within one week you can get your CLA Certification through our training program and, immediately upon graduation, have a Turn-Key solution to begin putting money in the bank daily. This is an entrepreneurial career. For every lighting audit you perform and submit through our U.S. Energy Efficiency Alliance proprietary process you’re paid $195, and for every Audit that goes to Installation you’re paid an average of $2,500. Our CLA Graduates Formula to achieving $300,000 in annual income is to perform one commercial building audit per day, Monday thru Friday. It truly is as simple as that! (This is a very realistic level of production and similar to real estate appraisers who perform one appraisal per day.) After all, you will be saving building owners large amounts of money each month just by providing them with a professional audit plus proposals on engineering, design and evaluation of their tax credits and utility rebate qualifications. Nothing could be more fun and rewarding than this…saving energy, expense and the environment.

If you want to learn more on how to become a Certified Lighting Auditor and to learn more about our Regional Sales Manager qualifications, begin by sending your resume now and one of our professional recruiting managers will be in contact with you. Also, please view our website in detail.

About Chase Energy Solutions, Inc.:

Chase Energy Solutions, Inc., is a founding members of the U.S. Energy Efficiency Alliance; 'USEEA'. We specialize in commercial, industrial and multi-family building benchmarking analysis, compliance reporting, ASHRAE Level Audits and Retrofit Project Management.

Join us and become part of the solution... part of the "Energy Efficiency" movement... become an advocate of the "Going Green" revolution. Have fun again and make a difference in your career, join us today and join the largest and most exciting growth industry in history.

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