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Central Energy is one of the fastest growing energy consulting firms in the market, offering by far the highest compensation in the industry. We are seeking B2B professionals and sales organizations to join us as an energy "Partner". We say "Partner" because we truly value our relationships and we partner with you to grow together for mutual success.

We are not an MLM, it costs absolutely nothing to join us as a Partner. Simply put, we are looking for qualified professionals that would like to take advantage of the best energy consultant program in the industry.

Our Opportunity
  • Highest Commissions! Our Partners enjoy getting paid up to 16-months upfront commissions for every closed energy contract. Example: Depending on the customer size, let's say the monthly residual comes to $90.00 and the customer signed a 3-year contract. You would receive $1,440.00 NOW, UPFRONT (16-months upfront residuals!) Did we mention that this is regardless of when the contract starts? See below!
  • Forward Start Pricing! What if you could sign a new customer today that already has an energy contract BUT still get paid TODAY? Well our Partners can sign a new customer today, offering them a contract that starts at a Future date, and get paid the upfront commission today, not when the service starts!
  • Get Paid Now! Our Partners can utilize our Advance Funding program that pays them within 48-hours of closing a contract! Sign a customer today and get paid today! Fastest in the industry!
  • Paid on Renewals! Our Partners are paid the upfront commission all over again when they renew the customers energy contract. Renew your customer at any time!
  • Residual Income! After being paid your upfront commission, our Partners now earn the monthly residual, month after month. Enjoy the upfront commissions while building a lucrative residual portfolio!
Why Central Energy?
  • Unlimited earning potential, no caps on upfront commissions or residuals! Our success is your success.
  • Commissions NOW! No waiting for the service to start.
  • Our Partners receive an experienced energy Team with hands-on support every step of the way.
  • Monthly sales promotions giving away cash bonuses, iPad's, etc.
  • No territory restrictions. CE is currently active in the markets of TX, PA, OH, MD, DC, DE, NJ, NY, CT, MA, IL, as well as Canada and the U.K.
  • Full training and support including live group training, webinars, training guides and videos.
  • Credibility through our physical offices in Houston, Philadelphia, Columbia MD and Chicago!
  • Our Partners are provided there own landing page web site to market for new customers! www.LowerOurEnergy.com
  • There are no upfront or monthly costs!
  • Complete transparent pricing, you get direct access to our suppliers pricing and online pricing portal!
  • Our Partners are given multiple energy products and terms to offer the customer. Custom price a customer or use our daily pricing matrix that allows you to price and sign a customer on the spot.
  • Work from anywhere! Home based businesses, telemarketers and online sales are all welcome.
  • Use of our portfolio with existing brand name customers and client testimonials to close more deals and gain credibility.
  • Marketing tools such as brochures, flyers, business cards and promotional items.
What we are looking for:
  • People with a positive attitude that will invest in themselves to be successful, work with integrity and be very professional understanding they are representing CE.
  • B2B experience with existing sales experience dealing with decision makers of a business and providing excellent customer service.
  • Good understanding of technology such as use of a computer, email and software like Microsoft Office and PDF files.
  • Develop an understanding of customer needs and requirements.
  • Self motivated, independent and reliable to a customers needs.
  • Good time management and communication skills.
  • Consistent followup and strong closing skills without being overly agressive.
  • Good verbal and writing skills with ability to make a presentation to the customer regarding product, pricing and savings.
Cross Markets
  • Central Energy is looking for relationships with organizations that wish to leverage the ability to save their existing clients on their energy cost. Our program will not only add an additional revenue stream to your business model but it will increase customer retention and sales staff loyalty. If you are a commercial realtor, insurance broker, merchant service provider or simply markets any product or service to commercial businesses, municipalities, or industrial customers then we would like to Partner with you!
If you are considering and searching other energy consulting firms we welcome and encourage you to check into all of them as we are very confident in our program. Once again, we are not a network marketing company, we are looking for individuals and organizations that want to earn top dollar for building and nurturing a book of business from their own efforts. This is not the "refer a friend who refers a friend" place to make money off someone else's portfolio or efforts. If you want to earn very nice upfront blocks of commissions while building a portfolio for years to come, then we welcome you as a Partner.

About Central Energy:

Central Energy is a premier energy supply consulting and brokerage firm in North America. Central Energy's sole objective is to bring absolute lowest electricity and/or natural gas rates to its industrial, commercial and retail clients, a service that has led to millions of dollars in savings.

Central Energy offers competitive electricity and/or natural gas rate quotes from industry leading electricity suppliers Nationwide. Since we are not employed by any of the energy companies, we are able to provide free energy rate quotes that are accurate and unbiased.

Central Energy offers an important and competitive energy savings component to your sales portfolio. Become a Partner and earn upfront commissions and residual income for helping any of your customers lower there energy cost. This includes your direct customers, business associates, a company that is part of the same trade association as you or just anyone you happen to know.

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