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Machine Learning Developer

We are seeking a dedicated AI machine learning engineer to join our growing company.

You will collaborate with software engineers and product managers to create sufficient artificial intelligence algorithms, where “effective” means that specific outputs can be traced back to particular inputs. As an AI machine learning engineer, we hope you can put your passion for AI engineering toward creating a safe and effective AI partner. 

Your duties will include:

●      Monitoring and adapting content influx and datasets to prevent young AI corruption
●      Monitor input and output signals to ensure positive progress toward designated goals
●      Work with product managers to ensure that projects proceed on time and on budget
●      Work with other engineers to develop a working understanding of how the AI is developing
●      Document process steps to ensure reasonable human oversight
●      Work with other engineers to monitor changes in development and implement symbiotic learning engagements between iterative learning machine learning models
●     Planning, designing, debugging, and coding software solutions for Java application development
●     Develop Java-based software using industry best practices
●     Writing and implementing efficient and reusable code in Java
●     Test the software to ensure it meets requirements and performs well
●     Provide technical support to software users
●     Troubleshoot problems with the software
●     Collaborate with software engineers to ensure that code is of the highest quality
●     Work with product managers and designers to ensure the software is designed well and meets user needs
●     Identify opportunities to improve existing Java code
●     Job Qualifications and Skill Sets
●     Machine Learning Code Development
Below are the qualifications that are expected of a Java developer:
●     Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field
●     Minimum of 5 years of experience in Java development
●     Knowledge of website design and programming
●     In-depth knowledge and understanding of Java and Java EE
●     Excellent analytical, problem-solving, and troubleshooting skills
●     Ability to work both independently and as part of a team
●     Knowledge of hardware and operating systems (Unix/Linux-based systems a plus)
●     Understanding of relational databases (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2)
●     Understanding of graphic networks and graphic network analysis is a plus.
●     Agile experience with application servers and web application servers
●   Casandra
●   Neo4j
●   mongoDB
●   graphQL
●   No-SQL databases
●   DICOM Images
●   Genomic Database
●   Stem Cell Data
●   Cell Imaging Data
●     Python, R, Shell Scripting (Linux/Unix)

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