Position Overview:

We hope you like keeping your head warm because you’ll be wearing lots of hats, sometimes several at a time. But don’t worry; our doors are quite tall. Reporting to the Director of Infrastructure, the Linux Systems Administrator will find their hands all over our technology, both current and future. Building highly efficient, scalable, repeatable environments is what we’re about and we need your help. We are small and move quickly. The technology you deal with today likely won’t be the same you’re working with tomorrow.

Position Requirements:

The ideal candidate will have demonstrable experience with:
· linux. You should know quite a bit of it, preferably RedHat-based OSs (Fedora, CentOS, etc). As in at least 6 years of using it extensively. Comfortable with kernel recompiles? Building machines with kickstart? Managing them with automation systems like Puppet or Chef? Great, read on.
· Windows. There’s some in every shop and sometimes it’s the right tool for the job! If you have familiarity with Active Directory domains with multiple redundant domain controllers, integration with linux environments and unraveling AD’s LDAP implementation, you can get to bullet 3.
· Networking. We are a geographically disparate company and you need to understand, from layer 1 on up, how to build and maintain a Cisco network to connect our gear together. In-depth understanding of all the relevant acronyms -TCP, UDP, DNS, DHCP (and PXE), SSH, NFS, SMB, LDAP, KMFDM, etc – all with an emphasis on security. Know how and where to use firewalls (hardware and software) and IDS systems as well as understand how they work.
· Virtualization. It’s all the rage these days and we’re no different. Racks of co-lo’d gear is so 2005. In-house VMWare systems and Amazon Web Services are in use.
· Monitoring. With all these systems and networks, we need some monitoring help. Nagios is the gang leader and thugs like Cacti and MRTG lend a helping hand in being proactive.
· Applications. Many of our products are web-based. As a result we deal with HTTP (Apache, nginx), Perl/PHP/Python and MySQL among others. Understanding non-trivial Apache configurations, MySQL replication techniques and how to keep them all stable is required.
· Efficiency. We have a small team to manage an awful lot of gear. Ability to move around the shell quickly and efficiently is a MUST. You must be able to read and write shell (BASH) and Perl scripts and use them daily. You should be able to tell us where the mistakes are in the ABS guide.
· Extras! We appreciate all of your skills. Plusses in our eyes are SAN/NAS experience, VoIP systems, certifications (MS, Cisco, RH, etc). If you can turn a wrench, that’s useful too. We did say LOTS of hats.
· Flexibility. Working off-hours and on-call support is part of the job. You’ve got to be ready to help out 24x7.

About Athletes Performance:

Athletes Performance is the global leader in integrated performance training for the top athletes in the world. From our four world-class facilities in Arizona, Southern California, Florida and Texas, Athletes Performance trains the top Champions in Sport, including 14 2012 NFL first round picks, 87 MLB players in 2012 alone, and 3 of the final 16 teams in the 2010 World Cup, as well as elite military operators and leading teams globally. Our work at AP takes us to China, Germany, Argentina, the UK, and many places in between, as we are helping to power the performance of athletes around the world.

In addition to supporting top athletes and teams, we leverage our proprietary methodology and systems to help high school and college athletes, military personnel, and leading executives redefine whats possible, delivering unmatched results with a world-class experience. Athletes Performance was named one of Fast Companys 10 Most Innovative Companies in Sports in 2011, and is a fixture in top media outlets including the NFL Network, ESPN, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, and Mens Health.

Founded in 1999 by industry visionary Mark Verstegen, Athletes Performance is a thought leader in the human performance space. In addition to athlete, military, and executive programming, AP is home to a Performance Innovation Team, a cross-functional team of experts that is constantly evaluating all programming and associated technology that the company delivers while driving innovation forward internally and with our team of leading partners. AP also has a dedicated Education team that conducts our industry-acclaimed Mentorship programs both at our U.S. facilities and around the world.

Athletes Performance created the Core Performance brand to help people live healthier, higher-performing lives. Today, Core Performance is the leader in proactive wellness, delivering measurable results through integrated, data-driven programs that are rooted in advanced science and research for employees and corporations. CP solutions are engaging, personalized, and sustainable, yielding meaningful results for employees and a competitive advantage for employers.

Athletes Performance Inc. is backed by Polaris Ventures, Walgreens Corporation, and ABS Capital. Along with our world-class investment team, AP is proud to have a team of leading partners committed to supporting human performance, including adidas, SKLZ, EAS, Sheraton, Keiser, Power Plate, Intel, Tignum, Axon Potential, and Zeo.

Everyone says they are offering a position in a fast-paced organization, then next thing you know you are dealing with the same stuff day in and day out. Thats not the case here. We are small. We are fast paced. We are growing faster than we can reliably maintain and thats where you come in.

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